I wonder what other things TSA agents have brought through that aren’t caught. I also wonder what would happen if, say, one of you did something similar to this at your job. You know, openly flaunt rules and laws that would get the subjects of your job body slammed against the wall and tasered.

TSA Worker Brings Gun to Work, Keeps Job

A Transportation Security Administration worker who brought a gun through an X-ray machine at Denver International Airport is back on the job.

A FOX 31 investigation reveals that Alvin Crabtree got to keep his job as a screener at DIA, despite the incident.

Airport and Denver Police documents show the incident happened on the morning of November 23, 2007.

Another screener saw an “unloaded firearm” in Crabtree’s bag as he reported for his shift at the “A-Bridge” checkpoint.

Airport documents show that the security office suspended Crabtree’s badge for 30 days as a result of the incident, but a TSA spokeswoman cited privacy rules when asked if Crabtree received any formal punishment.

The TSA issued a statement which read:


  1. Stinker says:

    Who needs the Mafia, or thugs when you have these guys?

  2. Sinn Fein says:


  3. Paul says:

    The only difference that I see between a mobster and a government official is that the mobster wears an armani while the government official wears men’s warehouse.

  4. Rob Runner says:

    Let’s concentrate on the real problem here: like bringing a container of shampoo over 3 ounces. Now thats a real threat to security!

  5. bobbo says:

    In general, the bias to mistakes is to correct and train. The gun was empty. I would need more facts before thinking the guy should be fired or prosecuted.

    Is this like a teller robbing a bank? Don’t see how even if bringing the gun to work is against a specific law, its still not like robbing a bank.

    How can anyone be shocked but not surprised? Shouldn’t that be the other way around??

  6. fahrquar says:

    Bobbo, they just don’t want Al Sharpton coming to Denver.
    You really don’t understand the thought process of “breaking the law”. It resembles another term that people don’t seemed to comprehend, “illegal”.


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