• GTA IV sells over 600,000 in one day in the UK.
  • LSD developer dies at 102.
  • Theoretical circuit made whole.
  • AT&T may cut iPhone price with subsidy.
  • Apple may sell unlocked phone.
  • Blu-ray sales down? Cripes.
  • Work your brain more.
  • Home networking standard again?
  • Mac 7 messenger adding video.
  • Microsoft may up the ante on Yahoo.
  • Teams of researchers trying to get dual cores to do something.

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  1. 888 says:

    who cares?

  2. pika2000 says:

    Almost any cellphones sold is Asia are unlocked. Even if you are going under a contract, you get a subsidized unlocked phone. Apple MUST sell the iPhone unlocked if they want to get marketshare in Asia. People in Asia are already importing iPhones and jailbreaking them. Wise up Apple, forget AT&T.

  3. 888 says:

    Apple should make a REAL smartphone by now, not just unlock the old dumbphone crapster.
    But since iPhone is for i-Jobs worshipping i-gay crowd, they will never complain about it. “Whatever Steve do, he is always right”.

    Apple isn’t pushing this junk onto Asian market because they know it would flop there miserably.
    Only stupid americans could buy locked phone that doesn’t have even half of usability of crappy Windows Mobile phones, at a high premium 🙂
    Power of brainwashing television propaganda (a.k.a. ads and news) in USA is just much stronger than anywhere else in the world.

  4. floyd says:

    Computer scientists and engineers have been working on how to best use multiple core processors since the early 90s, when I took a class about the subject. The language Linda was thought to be the key, and it’s still around. The trouble is, most applications aren’t designed to be divided into parallel tasks beyond two to four.

    This PC I’m typing on is a Centrino Duo. It balances tasks/threads fairly well sometimes, and not so well at other times.

  5. steelcobra says:

    #3: Considering that I only use my current phone for crappy mobile browsing (slashdot) and youtube, the iPhone is an upgrade, especially since I don’t need all the functionality of a full smartphone.

  6. SJP says:

    Cramer is back on board. Apple at $200! Cites video iPhone and (I forgot). For What It’s Worth.

  7. Ah_Yea says:

    If Apple does unlock the iPhone, it would simply illustrate how miserable their marketing group is, and how little they think about their customers.

    First they sell the iPhone at an outrageous markup, then they discount the iPhone pissing off the Apple Affectionatos who bought on opening day, then they “upgrade” the iPhone which bricks all those who wanted to “think different”, and now want to sell the iPhone unlocked?

    What then, are they going to do about all those iPhones they intentionally bricked because they were unlocked? What was it, 1,600,000 or so? “Opps, Mea Culpa, just buy another at full price and we will let you have it your way?”

    Apple has painted itself into a corner on this one.

  8. andy says:

    i’ll never go back to single-core. on the other hand, these 4+ cores are just marketing because processing power has more or less plateaued. why by a 2.8GHz dual core when you can have a 1.8GHz quad? give me a break.

  9. Jim says:

    I think the “format war” was hilarious. They managed to completely annoy the public that actually wanted to buy their materials, and the studios suddenly had tons of extra disc space that they put screen savers and backgrounds into, in place of actual CONTENT.

    I bought a HD-DVD with up-convert on sale, I’m picking up dozens of HD-DVDs at fire-sale prices. I’m happy enough to never bother with Sony. Too bad for them.

    Now what I’d really like is one or two studios to continue to do HD-dvd content and make it interesting by making it useful and fun.

    As for Apple; apple-shmapple. I’m happy with my Wing. Perhaps you should do some looking at the REPAIR prices for touch-screen phones, John. I was quoted a minimum of 150$ to repair a year-old phone AND two weeks in the shop (the touch screen got shattered while wandering around Cleveland of all places). Even if I had had insurance I would have had to pay 110$ in deductible — plus you can only have one “incident” per year. So I just ate the cost and picked up a new one, which I’ll be a bit more cautious with.

    Has anyone ever looked at the peripheral industry? Like how it’s cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy replacement inks? I’ve never quite understood that economic sinkhole.

  10. DocColorado says:

    Yahoo & Microsoft?

    Two measures of success to watch in any merger.

    1. Market Share 1 yr later of combined companies?

    2. Retention of Key Employees.

    My guess, is Yahoo will go down on both if they merge with Microsoft.

  11. The Man says:

    You guys are so short sighted when it comes to Apple. A year ago Apple was not in the phone business. Now they are the most talked about the most loved / hated, most copied phone on the planet. Next month they will release a update that has over 250,000 developers working on apps that will work only on the iphone (ipod touch).

    I don’t have a iphone and don’t plan on buying one but I do own a lot of Apple stock that I bought at $11 just before the original ipod hit the streets. I think thats is when most of the apple haters said they would be out of business in less then a year.

    Buy AAPL $300 this time next year.

  12. Ivan A says:

    does anyone even use the iPhone as phone anymore?

  13. zorkor says:

    I have never been apple fan boy but after buying their previous iPods, I started to enjoy my apple a day. the love started to change into anger and confusion when I bought iPod touch. it tries to be an iPhone and iPod but fails miserably on both sides. it has worse sound quality compared to previous iPods and most of the software upgrades which are free for iPhone but you have to pay to get them. out of luck if you’re outside the land of bush. so I can’t access iTunes and can’t buy iPod software even if I want to and I’m stuck with a product which is so locked up that my ten year old mobile from nokia does better things.

    that’s why iPhone was a flop in Europe and in Asia if apple will release it locked up will be a disaster. that’s why nokia is the king in rest of the world.


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