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ATLANTA — Hundreds of young Atlanta women are signed up on a Web site that some critics are calling total exploitation. The founders call it free enterprise. And just about everyone Channel 2 showed it to called it shocking. It’s called and it’s a donation site for young women who want free breast implants. But it’s what they do to get the big money that’s troubling for some. is a business venture hatched at a bachelor party in Las Vegas to help young women raise thousands of dollars for breast augmentation surgery through online donors. Five-thousand women are now signed up. Here’s how it works. The women create a profile on the site that can only be accessed by people, mostly men, who pay a $40 subscription fee and then donate to the women they like. On their profile are pictures the young women provide, usually sexy, nude pictures. And it appears, the more naked their pictures are, the more money they make.

Tammi Ray, 18, told Channel 2 she is desperate for implants and thinks they will improve her life. She posted topless pictures of herself. When asked how she felt about posting them, she said, “Nervous, scared. I still am. I think every day to take them off, but I don’t because I know I need them up there.” Rosseter was with Ray when she showed her mother the profile pictures. Mom wasn’t happy with the nudity but she supported her daughter.

“If this is something that is going to make her happy and boost her confidence in life to get here where she wants to go in life, then I back her on this,” said mom Tammy Ray.

Its always good to have a supportive mom, I’m getting all teary-eyed now…I have to go….here’s the link.

  1. DougW says:

    Ah, Capitolism at its finest!

  2. RBG says:

    You know, women are such teases.


  3. Miguel says:

    Man, most of the ladies I just saw on the site are so fugly a boob job won’t do them any good. Save your 40 bucks!

  4. Mister Mustard says:

    This is revolting. Whatever else you can say about Miley Ray Cyrus, at least she hasn’t gotten plastic tits. TOXIC!

  5. Ben says:

    Meanwhile, a competing website started up: Instead of subjecting women to dangerous elective surgeries, visitors just give the women affirming statements.

  6. JimD says:

    Hey!, I thought Tata’s were those micro-cars made in India !!!

  7. brian says:

    Exactly who is this hurting? Women who want to do this are doing so of their own free will, men who pay are doing so of their own free will, and there’s a business there facilitating the exchange of funds.

    But people find it ‘shocking’ and ‘exploitation’? Give me a break. When will people worry more about their own lives than their neighbor’s? When that day comes this will be a great world.

  8. DougW says:

    Capitolism at its finest, eh?

  9. Mister Mustard says:

    >>But people find it ’shocking’ and ‘exploitation’

    I don’t find it ‘shocking’ or ‘expoloitation’, Bri. I just find it revolting.

    Any guy who wants hard plastic tits should just go to Wal*Mart and buy a Barbie doll. A lot cheaper.

    And any woman who is willing to self-mutilate to look like Chesty Morgan or Watermelon Rose should just get a copy of Photoshop. A lot cheaper, and you can just throw the mutant-looking picture away, instead of ending up with a pair of hard plastic tits. They could used the money they save on pasties and a G-string, beer and a shot.

  10. zaphod says:

    ….portland through the shot glass with the buffalo squeezings…

    But which woman wins the booby prize?

    (had to say it)

  11. Mister Mustard says:

    #11 – I like Shelly and you like Jane; what was the girl with the snakeskin name? I think she wins the booby prize. Perhaps a snakeskin chinese algebrassiere to encompass those fake plastic jugs.


  12. floyd says:

    Guess what ladies:

    1. small boobs don’t sag as the lady grows older, so the lady looks younger for a long time.

    2. Boob jobs really do feel like plastic tits.

    These are truths that I figured out years ago.

  13. 888 says:

    Ladies, please, not all men are farmers who prefer their women to be equipped like their cows!

    Small boobs are still perfect to many men 🙂

  14. Major Jizz says:

    Thank you 888. That was moooving.

  15. fulanoche says:

    Anything over a handful is wasted.

  16. Pipo says:

    Another fine example of the Great American Civilisation.

  17. ATLChris says:

    I live in Atlanta and heard about this site on the news. I defiantly didn’t expect to see this here!

  18. 888 says:

    boobs, girls, money, website – just these 4 already qualify it more than enough for dvorak’s blog 😉

  19. McCullough says:

    #18. Welcome to the Internet…..we are connected!

  20. Jägermeister says:

    #20 – McCullough


  21. Uncle Ben says:

    6. Ben Meanwhile, a competing website started up:

    Hey! Good idea, and the domain is still available. Mind if I steal your idea and make a website out of it?

  22. NitroNeo says:

    Heres a bit of news. This is nothing new. Howard Stern & Bubba the Love Sponge have been doing contests like this for years.


  23. Trish says:

    I am a member of and in no way am I a whore, I am married and have four children and I think I look pretty damn good for having had that many kids, I am a 32AA and always have been, I’m not doing this to look like pamela anderson I just want to look normal and fill out a bra, I don’t do nudes on the site and a lot of the girls there don’t either, so what gives any of you the right to judge us, maybe you should worry more about your own lives and not so much about what perfect strangers are doing with their lives

  24. bobbo says:

    #25–Trish==you are right. If you ask for money and don’t give anything back in return, you are not a whore.

    Well done.

  25. Lisa says:

    Here’s another site talking about how you can get free breast implants

    I never knew there were so many options!


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