Will this be the cure?

With all the goofy Florida stories we post (and many more we don’t), you’d think they wouldn’t have time to waste debating fake ones like other states.

State moves to ban fake testicles on vehicles

Senate lawmakers in Florida have voted to ban the fake bull testicles that dangle from the trailer hitches of many trucks and cars throughout the state.

Republican Sen. Cary Baker, a gun shop owner from Eustis, Florida, called the adornments offensive and proposed the ban. Motorists would be fined $60 for displaying the novelty items, which are known by brand names like “Truck Nutz” and resemble the south end of a bull moving north.

“Come on Florida, grow a pair!”

The Florida Senate voted last week to add the measure to a broader transportation bill, but it is not included in the House version.

In a spirited debate laced with double entendre, Senate lawmakers questioned whether the state should curtail freedom of expression in vehicle accessories.

Critics of the ban included the Senate Rules Chairman, Sen. Jim King, a Jacksonville Republican whose truck sported a pair until his wife protested.

  1. green says:

    How else can you tell if someone is a republican.

  2. moss says:

    I could sell that car thong to the idiot twerps who infest our local high school. The males aren’t bright enough to have balls. The females would think it’s a good ploy for attracting one of the aforementioned males.

  3. Ivor Biggun says:

    I think certain men should be REQUIRED to attach these to their vehicle, especially those who don’t have a pair of their own….

  4. morram says:

    So Republican Sen. Cary Baker gets to keep the cat balls he has on his truck?
    What about all the catlick priest that have little boy balls hanging from their rear view mirrors?

  5. Dallas says:

    While I agree most Republicans need to carry a pair, I find this to be disgusting.

    This is the sort of ‘anything goes’ bullshit our society needs to stop.

  6. the answer says:

    I agree with Dallas. Granted yeah free society and whatever. but show some decency. I get the whole yeah big dog = big truck bit, but remember above every set of balls is an asshole.

  7. Plain Site says:

    Only allow them if your trailer has a camel tow receiver?-)

  8. hellooooo? doesn't anyone read? says:

    The bill’s sponsor doubted it would succeed. “It’s probably not going to make it through the process,” Baker said on Thursday. “It won’t be much of story in a few days.”

  9. mike cannali says:

    Florida is the new California

  10. Improbus says:

    I guess these pols aren’t afraid of losing the “Bubba” vote.

  11. brucemlloyd says:

    I’m not exactly sure why you would want to put a set of testicles on the back of your vehicle.

    Idiots abound.

  12. RBG says:

    I’m now hoping to mount a vagina on my car.



  13. Smartalix says:

    Well, a big vehicle is an erzatz penis for many of these guys…

  14. framitz says:


    Remember the Edsel? Vagina has already been used and failed.

  15. Jennifer says:

    ugh. I hate these things, but who cares? In Japan, every other doorway sports a raccoon with giant testicles for good luck, even kids have the stupid things. Nobody’s died from moral offense yet.

  16. RBG says:

    15 framitz

    Seriously sort of, was that the car that you pushed a button to change gears?


  17. BubbaRay says:

    [off topic]

    #18, RBG, I remember my aunt’s ’57 Chrysler that had a push button transmission. Sure enough, here’s the data.


    Tailfins and push button transmissions. Whoa! But I don’t remember any truck nutz from the ’50s.

    #10, Improbus, no offense taken.


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