1. Personality says:

    Looks about right. Good stuff.

  2. hhopper says:

    But this one is serious.

  3. Miguel says:

    This is brilliant! No parody at all!

  4. Breetai says:

    Nicely done. Now just get rid of windows and it’s perfect.

  5. McCullough says:

    LOL! I think we have sold all of three, maybe two. Har!

  6. jbenson2 says:

    What a great ad. Why would anyone want to buy the MacBook air after seeing that comparison?

    Oh, that’s right. I forgot…

    Apple fanboys

  7. Just wondering... says:

    That’s great! Now all I have to do is install my copies of OS X, Final Cut and Aperture and…

    Oh, wait a minute…

  8. Jopa says:

    They’ve hit the nail on the head.

    The Macbook Air maybe a nice ultra portable but they’ve screwed it with the connections… :\

    It’s a shame, because it’s a nice computer.

  9. Sinn Fein says:

    Thin don’t win! 🙂

  10. andy says:

    you don’t need 2 metres of cable (and a hub!) to plug in an optical drive. pc users aren’t very smart, are they

  11. jescott418 says:

    I do think the MacBook Air has compromised too much in order to get as
    thin as possible. While it may be true that a optical drive and only one USB port may not be a deal breaker. It does add another handicap that a true road warrior would have to deal with at some point. The ideal of true portability is to be flexible too. I would much rather take the Lenovo on the road and have those options available to me.

  12. jamEs says:

    I know myself I barely use disc drives anymore, and for the most part it’s only to write CDs or DVDs for people who aren’t in the know enough to download stuff themselves. 8GB flash drives are the way to go. Remember back when everyone bitched about the removal of the floppy drive on the iMacs? Apple is just ahead of the curve, again. In the not too distant future of 1TB drives being standard issue, what difference will 700mb CDs and 4.4GB DVDs make? While I’ll readily admit the Air isn’t flawless, it sure beats the pants off the eyesores that Lenovo makes.

  13. The Lenovo does appear to be a very nice machine. And, I heard that they tested it while running and dropped it from 5′ onto a stone floor … it continued to work.

    So, I assume we can find a cracked version of OS X for it, right?

  14. chuck says:

    Mac Book Air +
    built-in CD/DVD +
    ports, etc =
    regular Mac Book.

    What’s the big deal? If you want a Mac Book with all the features of the Mac Book Air, but with a built-in CD/DVD & ports, just buy a regular Mac Book – its faster and you save $600

  15. Les says:

    My first laptop pc was a thinkpad. Still works after 11 years.

  16. joaoPT says:

    6 – Just install a cracked OSX… I know the EULA forbids you, but it’s unenforceable, and if you pay for a genuine OSX disk, my bet is you’re off the hook.

    12 – Does the Macbook fit in a manila envelope? So there.

    Now if you ask me if the Mac looks nicer, Yeah! much nicer…So what? If you need/want one, what stops you?

  17. paddler says:

    Would have been even funnier if they had opened the lid and the blue screen of death was on the screen

  18. #12,

    The big deal is about size and weight, which are significantly better in both the Air and the Lenovo. When you need to travel with one, half the weight is a nice feature.

  19. laxdude says:

    I would buy a rev 2 Air…the one that comes with at least 2 (usable) USB ports and firewire.

    Not having Firewire is a big “Screw you fanboys, you need to buy a special optical drive and not use the external firewire drive you already own.”

    Not having a second USB port is another “Screw you, buy one of our new bluetooth mouse (that like all other Mac mice both suck and blow) and keyboard.”

    Not having ethernet or including the USB dongle is the final “Screw you, buy an airport!”

    I might be able to live with a built in battery, but would not be happy about it. I would rather not be screwed over three times for a pretty limited computer that I don’t get for free.

  20. 888 says:

    One of very few ads that don’t lie about the product.

  21. Spooof says:

    I used IBM ThinkPads exclusively for about six years and they were great. Now I am forced to use a dell at work, but I am an Apple fan boy and use a Macbook Pro for personal.

    I would never buy an Air. They are missing too much capability. If you are looking for a cute toy to flash around I guess they have a purpose. Otherwise how would you ever get any work done on one of those things?

  22. Angel H. Wong says:


    Finally an Apple fanboy who doesn’t think that Jobs can drink milk and shit ice cream.

  23. ZZ says:

    Having experienced several of them at my client company, I’d say they both are good. The MacBook Airs are mainly used by sales/marketing and CEO, ThinkPads by engineering guys who strap it in different vehicles for collecting test data.

    Missing 2 USB connectors from AirBook, is not a big deal, the same with DVD as long as AB is not your only computer. CD’s and DVD’s are very rarely used, I saw the external MBA DVD drive still on the shelf, never used.

    The biggest problem with X300 is that it wont run OS X, nobody seems to know why. There are company rules that prohibit some files to be on PCs, just in case they get stolen or hacked. Windows is definitely the weakest point in otherwise useful machine.Tell u why…

    One day a guy from sales had visited a client, who immediately had told him: “Please plug in to our network and access our company site for the latest info”. Then something had happened, some kind of Trojan or whatever was autoloaded in his computer and they scanned his laptop. This was later discovered by IT guys, who had just given the sales guy a new laptop with their own spyware (data in/out, web sites accessed etc.)

    To my knowledge all the data the sales guys need is on the net, the laptop had some engineering data and video. Anyway, the sales and marketing now has MBAs. The overal plan had been originally to buy more X300s, but since they are about 40% more expensive than MBA, they had figured that’s too much to pay for extra 2 USB ports. I also heard engineers complain X300 a bit slower on some apps but I haven’t noticed anything (using X300 almost everyday). MBA is cool but U have to get used to not to have the Floppy, I mean Optical drive.

  24. Jesse Read says:

    You know… I run OS X, and I would consider myself a “fanboy” but the fact of the matter is that I recognize and understand that OS X is *not* the safest OS out their, nor the browser.

    Just because we choose OS X over Windows Products doesn’t mean XP is (complete) shit. I would venture to say that I feel OS X is more secure than XP, but I would also point out that Linux is by far the most secure!

    Just look at that hacking competition. OS X, XP, and Ubuntu all stood up to direct attacks. OS X lost first via Safari (I don’t use Safari as often as I used to – go with OmniWeb or Firefox), XP (or was it Vista) was then knocked out… The ONLY “secure” OS was Ubuntu!

    So just because we choose OS X over Windows, doesn’t mean that we all think OS X is high and mighty. If it weren’t for work programs that I need to have that run on either XP or OS X (I use VMWare Fusion) I’d probably run Ubuntu – I just like it. So would I buy the MBA before the Thinkpad? YES! If I weren’t committed to needing certain applications, would I buy the Lenovo and slap on Ubuntu! Ya, I probably would.

    So really, just because we prefer OS X to Windows – doesn’t mean we sit here and think, “Wow, this is the best thing ever and it will always be that way… we have no reason to worry!”

  25. ZZ says:

    OK, I got curious about what actually happened with that hijacked PC so I asked the IT guy. But I still don’t quite understand how things work (they are Chinese language PCs). One way shown was to just move the mouse on the webpage and the other seemed to work just by plugging in the network cable. WTF!

    Could somebody point me to a web page explaining how that is done.

    The IT guy just said:”You are foreigner so why should I tell you, but I tell you this, the way Chinese have hacked Windows, you don’t want to use them.” That got me worried, I’m not going to plug in my PC anywhere until I know.

    My wife has one PC (on the net), one work PC (never on the net), one work Mac (on the net), and she told me long time ago never to use PC on the net if you have anything important on it.

    This is her non-technical explanation: “PC is like a highrise office building where only the downstairs doors are locked and have a security guard. Some upstairs offices have locks (might be locked too) but in many times keys are in them. The elevator wont stop in some floors, but u can still use the stairs. What the (Chinese) hackers have done is, they have managed to make a copy of that only key, while the locksmith was installing the lock, and they also have the key to the basement door.” Doesn’t sound safe, huh? “On the Unix based systems every door has an electric lock with a security guard who will ask you to punch down your name and password.” Macs = Unix, so now I’m thinking; How about if the security guard is Chinese, damn..

    There is a MacMini in my brother’s factory lobby (with thousands of users) that even didn’t have the firewall on for the last 3 years. They just replaced it with new one and checked it out; no malware, nothing, and it’s directly connected to net with it’s own DSL modem.

    Well, it looks to me I’ll be using only the Mac while connecting to the net, maybe even getting a MBA, NOT! I desperately need that 3.2GHz Firewire.


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