Going to the website allows you to select a different woman to model the clothes. Ah, the possibilities…
Perhaps our female readers should request the site to have the same feature with male models.
And just in case, no, we are not being paid for this. This is being posted since it’s ‘very interesting’, from a technological standpoint, of course ;)

  1. bobbo says:

    I’m reminded of the reality show of some rocker who enjoys watching his potential hook up do “ironing.”

    I thought he was totally nuts. But it was kinda nice.

  2. Boubou1961 says:

    @ Ron Larson – it exists, kind of.


  3. Andre Bouchard says:

    @ Ron Larson

    the subservientchicken-type girl site exists : it’s a virtual bartender.


  4. gregallen says:

    I’m a little surprised that this technology game to shopping first, instead of porno.

    It’s relatively straight-forward technology with great results. Kudos to whoever came up with it.

    I can think of lots of other products (besides porn) and help files where it would be useful.

  5. Rick Cain says:

    I just hope one of the models doesn’t get caught wearing a Khofiya, or michelle malkin will protest the site!

  6. iç giyim says:

    thankss 🙂


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