As she was attempting to put on a Victoria’s Secret thong, a Los Angeles woman claims that a decorative metallic piece flew off the garment and struck her in the eye, causing injuries and a new product liability lawsuit against the underwear giant. Macrida Patterson, 52, alleges that she was hurt last May by a defective “low-rise v-string” from the Victoria’s Secret “Sexy Little Thing” line, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court

What about the eyes of the poor fellows who had to witness this spectacle?

  1. Eric says:

    Seriously, if your underwear explodes when you try it on, you’re wearing the wrong size.

    Typical woman.

    Salesperson: “Here’s a size 10”
    Woman: “No no no, I wear a size 4, I’ve always worn a size 4.”
    Salesperson: “Please, do not put that on.
    Woman (straining into the outfit): “Don’t worry, it’ll fit.”

    The salesperson dives for cover.

  2. Simple says:

    Pics or it didn’t happen… 🙂

  3. ECA says:

    HOW close was her FACE to her ????

  4. greyhairgeek says:

    Seriously, that woman is decades past 52. A touch of credulity please. The actual woman was African American, and the actual underwear, much more interesting.,0,544693.htmlstory

  5. Mister Ketchup says:

    Please pass the eye bleach!

  6. QB says:

    She should be paid the weight of the g-string in nickles.

  7. Ah_Yea says:

    Thanks a lot, Helzerman!

    Now how many decades do I have to live to get THAT mental picture out of my head!

  8. JPV says:

    I’m just gonna say this once, and once only…

    There’s something very fishy about this story.

  9. Miss_X2b says:


  10. Mr. Fusion says:

    #4, greyhair,

    Thanks for the link. It fills in a few questions.

  11. Judge Jewdy says:

    A knee grow, that explains it.


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