One of the more fascinating games this President has played is to redefine the inconvenient. GDP and GDI too low? No longer include things that push them down. Waterboarding considered torture? Redefine it as simply ‘harsh interrogation’ so that you can proclaim the US doesn’t torture. Just as ‘small’ men may claim a particular size, their women know that redefining an inch won’t change the truth.

  1. Sea Lawyer says:

    I think there’s plenty of redefining of words to go around; see: cruel and unusual.

  2. sinn fein says:

    Cruel & Unusual Torture: Lib Moonbat postings on Dvorak!

  3. JimD says:

    Well, the poor little rich boy, whose way was smoothed by rich parents way too far into “adult-hood”, suffers from delusions of adequacy !!! Now, aided and abetted by the Repuke Congress who rubber-stamped his trashing of the Constitution, has managed to DESTROY AMERICA !!! Foreign Policy in the TOILET, Endless War in the Middle East, Economy WRECKED AT HOME !!! Hell of a job, DUMBYA !!! America NEEDS CHANGE, ANYTHING HAS TO BE BETTER THAN BUSH AND THE REPUKES !!!

  4. smartalix says:


    Please shut the fuck up if you haven’t anything intelligent to say.

    We used to be the good guys, and could justify our actions as being the right thing to do. We have people in the Bush administration who profess to be Christians but allow white phosphorous and cluster bomb on residential neighborhoods, avoidance of the rule of law (habeas corpus), and torture, however shileded in vague rationalizations.

    Now we have become that which we feared, sold down the river on a raft of lies and fearmongering. Now our economy is in a shambles (I’m curious to see how you’ll blame Clinton for that), and our reputation abroad is in equally bad shape. The people behind these policies that have beggared and destroyed the USA should be dragged out of the White House in irons.

  5. Sea Lawyer says:

    #4, the seeds for our current circumstance were planted long before George W. Bush became President.

    Perhaps things would be different now if the public didn’t feel the government should provide for all their needs and remove from their lives all risk.

  6. smartalix says:

    The seeds have been there for quite some time, my friend. However, this administration has been very good at cultivating the growing twisted branches of fear, hate, and violence.

    The atrocities done in our names takes the breath away.

  7. Named says:


    I hate to say it, but the US has been the greatest war monger for the past 100 years. What they don’t battle directly, they work behind the scenes with cash and intrigue. Bush just took it from the closet and put in on the Whitehouse lawn.

  8. Shin says:


    I would think a poster who names himself after a terrorist political party might be a bit less cavalier about the power structure using torture on their prisoners..wasn’t that long ago he’d have been one of them.

  9. Cursor_ says:

    “We used to be the good guys, and could justify our actions as being the right thing to do.”

    When? Once when Hitler and Japan was screwing the world?

    The US has NEVER been the good guys. There are NO good guys.

    There are rat’s ass bastards and then just bastards.

    We are the rat’s ass bastards until WWII. Then we were just the bastards.

    We went back to rat’s ass with Korea.

    Take off the the red, white and blue glasses and see reality!


  10. James Hill says:

    #4 – LMAO

    Just because the liberals around here… including yourself… can’t make a point is no reason to get pissy.

    I know you guys had dreams of turning this into a great liberal blog, but you’ve failed to realize there’s no such thing. Your points of view are, at best, chuckle worthy.

    But don’t worry: There’s an audience for that. Keep dancing, and entertain us.

  11. Improbus says:

    So much for our republic. It was a nice social experiment while it lasted. Maybe the next time some one tries this experiment they will build more safeguards against corruption of the system’s institutions. You have to plan for the dark side of human nature (Japanese internment, GITMO) and evil men (Dick Cheney) and the inept (George Bush). The founding fathers of our country were way to optimistic.

  12. Named says:


    Priceless, James. Sometimes your lucid comments make me forget that you’re a hack.

  13. smartalix says:


    Cheap shots don’t impress me, punk. Tell me what about my post doesn’t make sense. Any asshole can throw shit around.

    You’ve been an empty suit here for as long as I can remember, and I can count the times I’ve seen you write something intelligent on one hand. What don’t you get? That Gitmo aids our enmemies? That shipping people around in secret to be tortured is wrong? That bombing civilian areas to get at the guerrillas within is just? At what point would Jesus consider that the collateral damage makes dropping the bombs wrong?

    If you can say more than a variation of “typical liberal hack” I’d be surprised.

  14. jim says:

    So, your all for torture. What double standard comments are you going spew when it’s US personal that are ones being waterboarded. Will I get to call you whiny Fascist then.

  15. Droolski says:




    “Sea LAWYER”… that says it all. Period.




    YOU don’t have to be so condescending in making your “non point”, do you?? Sounds pretty “pissy” to me! You dance funny.

    It seems pretty obvious from the finger pointing and defected blame of this administration (and current political climate) that if Clinton had been accused of half the crap that Bush has pulled off, he’d be in jail now. Just look what “they” tried to do with Bill’s lil’ fling in the White House with Monica. We’re talking people lives here, not stained blue dresses and infidelity. Bush is a war criminal and should be treated as such.

  16. BertDawg says:

    Evidently the U.S. House of Representatives is an Equal Opportunity employer. And race has ZERO to do with that observation.. Putzes are welcome, too.

  17. James Hill says:

    Look at how my worshipers cannot actually counter my point: You’ve all failed, all you can do is founder.

    Continue to worship me. I command you.

  18. James Hill says:

    Also, I just realized none of you are intelligent enough to understand the difference between founder and flounder, in reference to the sentence above. Allow me to assist you.

    “Founder means, in its general and extended use, ‘fail or come to nothing, sink out of sight’ ( : the scheme foundered because of lack of organizational backing). Flounder, on the other hand, means ‘struggle, move clumsily, be in a state of confusion’ ( : new recruits floundering about in their first week).”

    You used to flounder. Now you just founder.

  19. Improbus says:

    @James Hill

    Who do you think you are? Hypnotoad?! More like Delude-o-tron.

  20. James Hill says:

    I’d prefer “Hypnotroll”.

    I just enjoy aggravating the self-righteous. This is a target rich environment.

  21. Uncle Dave says:

    #20: So, you enjoy aggravating yourself?

  22. Patrick says:

    #5 – I think you hit the nail on the head.

  23. bobbo says:

    #18–James==you continue to amuse. I read this post with interest as I thought flounder was a fish and to flounder was to be fishy as in something not quite right.

    So I looked for the antecedent misuse of the word and was “shocked” yes shocked to find that you made the post. So you are calling yourself out. Hard to tell if you are an idiot in the first place or the second place. Then I realized I was floundering and that you are of course an idiot in both cases.

    In your post at #17–either founder or flounder will be correct or wrong depending on what you meant to say===and of course, you keep that a secret.

  24. smartalix says:

    Hill is so dense, he must be a ‘bot. It would be easy to do, just have it spout shit like “liberals suck” at regular intervals and you’d be done.

    Dum-ass troll.

  25. MotaMan says:

    “fuck Yoo, answer answer the question”

  26. Mr. Fusion says:

    It’s bad enough Bush and his cronies try to justify torture, but when all the fucking morans come on this blog also spewing how wrong it is NOT to torture, words escape me.

    James Hill, you’re a real piece of shit.

    Sinn Fein, you’re an asswipe.

    Sea Lawyer, You’re trolling.

    Curser, if brains were made of dynamite you still couldn’t blow your own nose.

    What a waste of good oxygen.

  27. Rick Cain says:

    Let’s just hire all those ex-Nazis in hiding and give them a free pass from israeli assassins.

    They know lots about torture.

  28. smartalix says:


    Read about operation Paperclip.


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