Cartoon by Peter Nicholson

Defence officials have had to allay the concerns of Sydney office workers, who watched as an air force fighter chased what appeared to be a passenger plane.

Some people thought Australia’s most populous city might be coming under attack.

Instead the Australian Defence Force was bidding farewell to one of its aircraft.

A number of office workers decided to evacuate their skyscrapers after watching in alarm as a passenger plane flew low over Sydney harbour chased by an air force fighter…

But rather than witnessing the pursuit of a hijacked plane, the office workers were watching a farewell flight. One of the defence force’s Boeing 707 aircraft was being retired from service, shadowed by a hawk fighter from which aerial photographs were being taken.

Of course, “the terrorists have won”. We’re all governed by a flock of craven crows who believe in fear to keep everyone in line.

  1. Thinker says:

    Sometimes a thing, is just a thing. 🙂

    But great cartoon. Rare is the President that actually knows how to handle Intelligence Data. And this one certainly doesn’t.

  2. moss says:

    Obviously, office workers in Sydney have too much free time. They shouldn’t be able to gaze at the sky for real – or perceived – threats.

    First, get rid of the windows.

    Then, put someone in charge like, say, whoever designs FDA questionnaires.

  3. MikeN says:

    Wait, isn’t this site’s official plan for countering terrorism to let them attack because it’s just a small percentage of people who will be killed, then arrest them afterwards? So why shouldn’t they be considering that an attack is possible?

  4. bobbo says:

    I don’t see what the event shows about the “governance” of OZ. What it does show is that some few office workers in Sydney had concerns. Who wouldn’t?

    So–yes==lack of information leads to uncertainty which an unscrupulous government can take advantage of.

    What did the OZ government do?

  5. drben says:

    I’d rather ask what idiot in the Aussie Air Force decided “buzzing skyscrapers” was a good way to “Bid Farewell” to a plane so old, it might have started falling apart during these “air games”. Not “OZ” just a normal bureaucratic military idea.

    G’day Mate!

  6. Little Johnnie says:

    #4. the OZ government did what they’ve always done – sat on their arses in Canberra and bickered about who’s buying the next round. 😉

  7. soundwash says:

    lol.. my first thought would have been,…

    “well, at least they actually sent in the air force *before* the planes were able to hit something this time”

    -but then again..any savvy office worker would have been listening to air force chatter to see if any “terrorist war game exercises” were in play…

    because as we all know, the only time a major terrorist attack will happen is when the military is practicing the exact same terror tactics *at the exact same time* as those that are about to befall us.. as in 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings.. -to give credence to the whole “well we didn’t know if was real or not” angle…


    bloody idiots the lot of us are..


  8. apeguero says:

    Oh please…

  9. MikeN says:

    #7 you’re not making any sense.

  10. MikeN says:

    >We’re all governed by a flock of craven crows who believe in fear to keep everyone in line.

    So says the people who want to pass controls on the economy to stop global warming.

  11. apeguero says:

    Here’s a picture of the two aircraft:—Air-Force/Boeing-707-338C(KC)/1367455/L/

    Maybe the Australian Air Force should label their Military aircraft more clearly since their citizens are so nervous over there.

  12. Rich says:

    Australia is still flying 707’s?


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