Reader and Twitterer Jeff Szer points out that the latest disc that comes with Gramophone Magazine highlights my Twitter name THErealDVORAK. I thought it was amusing anyway.

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the real dvorak

  1. bobbo says:

    Its nice a magazine called “Gramophone” has an Ipod cast to go with it?

    The Feature article about “Chamber Rock” I think is instructive. I like the Classics, and I like early 70’s “Orchestral Rock” like Yes, Pink Floyd etc. Pop tunes played by London Philharmonic are also nice. Not too much of that going on today but forming a bridge and introducing both sides to the other is a good thing.

    It actually doesn’t matter what you like as long as you like something?

  2. Peter iNova says:

    John, did you ever spell your name with the caron and acute accent? Take heart, you can still be The American Real Dvorak.

  3. chuck says:

    I think we all know which Dvorak is crankier!

  4. highaman says:

    You have to pronounce dvorjak for the composer, do you say John C. Dvorjak or John C. Dvorak ?

  5. Andrew Link says:

    Highaman is right. Because the name comes somewhere from Eastern Europe. If you are to buy link, contact.

  6. Maddog says:

    Living in Prague John I am reminded of you constantly with the thousands of signs for Dvorak. 🙂 The pronunciation is different of course but still. If you ever visit John let me know I can show you around one of the must beautiful cities in the world.

  7. PeterR says:

    I bet the inventor of the Dvorak computer keyboard is feeling left out of this.

  8. chuck says:

    And every day John C. Qwerty just gets richer and richer, and every night he parties with strippers and tequila.

  9. Peaux says:

    # 7 PeterR said, “I bet the inventor of the Dvorak computer keyboard is feeling left out of this.”

    John C., wasn’t it your dad who invented that keyboard?


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