This is one of the most popular videos in the world at the moment. This shows you how low Western Civilization has sunk. It shows nothing more than a supposed drunk referee walking off what must be the world’s largest soccer field and taking forever. This is entertaining?

  1. Personality says:

    Where is this at? Yes, it is boring to watch unless you are 17.

  2. ECA says:

    Looks more like he got HIT, on the field..

  3. al bickers says:

    This comment sucks. This is the worst comment ever. With that in mind, I think I will post it.

    I think I’ll use your line on my wife – “I wasn’t watching pron to get my jollies, I was just trying to see how low western civilization has sunk.” Also works as a justification for watching Jerry Springer.

  4. This video is in the was number one viewed vid on Olbermann, for example. I felt obliged to comment on it. Hmm. I think that is what blogs do. And that’s bad?

    By the way, I think it looks to me as if he was hit too, now that ECA points it out.

  5. Paddy-O says:

    “This is entertaining?”

    I figured out why it’s so popular.

    1) Soccer is extremely popular worldwide (as far as number of viewers).

    2) Soccer is extremely boring to watch.

    3) This is more entertaining than the game of soccer itself.


  6. Tom says:

    If it’s so stupid why did you post it John? This is the first time I’m seeing the “most popular video”; in your blog.

    Not to mention the fact that “Western Civilization” doesn’t give a damn about soccer.

  7. RTaylor says:

    Reeks of Monty Python. The guy even reminds me of a John Cleese character.

  8. John Paradox says:

    ‘Popular’ and ‘entertaining’ aren’t necessarily related.

    Besides, the guy was just “solving problems


  9. #5 YOU nailed it!!!

  10. Jägermeister says:

    John is jealous…

  11. brendal says:

    Western + Civilization = oxymoron

  12. hhopper says:

    AP – Minsk, Belarus — Referee Sergei Shmolik was helped off the field with back pain while officiating a Belarus league match, but later was shown to be drunk. In TV footage shown yesterday on Russian television, Shmolik staggered as he was helped off the field at the end of Saturday’s match.

  13. admfubar says:

    i remeber richard pryor comment on the time he was stoned outta his mind (at least this is what i reember) and he had set himself on fire..
    fire is insparational, when yuo are on fire, people get out of your way…

    they needed to set him on fire… he would sobered right up and moved off that field in record time…

    now that woulda been entertaining……….

  14. jeroen says:

    about the whole soccer thing:
    we call it FOOTball, because the ball is played with your foot.
    in contrast to ‘melon’ball, which americans call football, where the ball is played with your hand. (handball is also already taken)

  15. What’s with the backwards-hunching lordosis posture? I’ve never seen a drunk guy walk like that.

    [See #12. – ed.]

  16. Jägermeister says:

    This shows you how low Western Civilization has sunk.

    If you think that showing a drunk referee is low, you should have a look at what some assholes in Iraq are doing for entertainment. And don’t come with some crap that They have to do it…

  17. elsenor says:

    that guy belongs here:


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