Back on November 24, 2002 Osama bin Laden promised to destroy the economy of the west. It’s six years later and his prophecy appears to have come true, at least in the United States. But yet the media has all but ignored his threat as the cause of our current problems. There is no doubt that Laden, his family, and his vast supporters have great influence in Saudi Arabia (as well as the rest of the Middle East) and they could easily have brought about the various scenarios we are facing now: high gas prices, devalued dollar, etc. Thus, the question of the day is whether his threat was in fact carried out or whether it’s all one big coincidence.

  1. MikeN says:

    If the hypothesis is correct, that’s one more reason why Bill Clinton should have accepted Sudan’s offer to hand over Bin Laden. Could details of this offer have been what Sandy Berger stole from the National Archives?

  2. acme says:

    What’s so damned important about whether it’s actually called a recession, or not?

    We’ve screwed up big time, and could have been a lot “further ahead”, or a lot “less behind” depending on your preferred terminology.

  3. acme says:

    We’ve screwed up big time, and could have been a lot “further ahead”, or a lot “less behind”, depending on your preferred perspective.

    One’s preferred terminology (“recession” or not) isn’t really the point.

  4. Uncle Patso says:

    To paraphrase Shakespeare, “The fault lies not in our stars, but in ourselves”


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