Study: ‘Magic’ mushrooms may lift spirituality – Salt Lake Tribune — This article is interesting because despite the obvious psychological benefits to the spiritually inclined a bunch of government killjoys chime in with their two-bit opinions on how dangerous such activity is.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms, long valued by Central American cultures for their mystical qualities, may enhance the spirituality of people of faith, according to a new study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.
Volunteer subjects reported conversing with God, experiencing ”ultimate transcendence” and being suspended in a ”tactile field of light.”
According to the study, conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the Council on Spiritual Practices, subjects who took doses of psilocybin, a drug found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, reported sustained spiritual and religious benefits 14 months after ingestion.
Sixty-seven percent of participants rated the experience as one of the five most spiritually significant events in their lives, while 64 percent said it had increased their well-being or life satisfaction.

UPDATE: As indicated by one of the comments below, this story, almost the exact same story, ran in the news media two years ago like clockwork! Linked here on the blog.

Found by Chris Condayan via Twitter.

  1. Lou Minatti says:

    “mystical qualities, may enhance the spirituality”

    What a load of new age horseshit.

    The only question I have is are the mushroom eaters over 18 and of sound mind? If so, the government has no business deciding what losers should put into their bodies. I think the vast majority of Americans would agree with my opinion. What right does the government have to decide whether or not a loser wants to ruin his/her life? It’s OK with me. Provides job security for the sober non-drugged people.

  2. Ron Larson says:

    Interesting poster. Can anyone translate? (serious please!).

  3. CountSmackula says:

    Don’t know about ‘spirituality’, but they can definitely lift one’s spirits.

  4. Chris Mac says:

    JCD wants to eat more Mexicans?!?

  5. Ulysses says:

    To: CountSmackula

    Can’t translate it as a verse, but (word-by-word):

    Stop drinking vine and vodka,
    Grab mushrooms – throw to throat

    This is a modified sovied poster, BTW.

  6. amodedoma says:

    Hallucinogens can do this yes, unfortunately they can also do the opposite. Everything depends on the psychological state of the individual. People who have serious depression, obsession, compulsion, etc., could find themselves on a trip to hell. Hallucinogens amplify emotional states, intensifying them. Unless you know what you’re doing better leave this stuff alone.

  7. Chris Mac says:

    #& – sure dude

  8. Yes, a return of another post done earlier..apparently from two years ago and re-hashed. Now I’m wondering what the deal is. Does this same story come around every two years to promote mushrooms? Or what? Good catch Ariane!!

    The old link seems to be missing though.

    See you again in 2010 with the exact same story.

  9. green says:

    Who would have thunk it, you need to looped out on psychedelics for the idea of god to be palatable.

  10. grog says:

    #1 it’s not new age horseshit, people ingested the mushrooms and felt it was spiritual experience

    lots of people do, if anything, the research should be filed under the “waste of money proving the obvious”

  11. MotaMan says:


    John gets a kick out of dope heads

  12. Paddy-O says:

    #1 said, “What right does the government have to decide whether or not a loser wants to ruin his/her life? It’s OK with me. Provides job security for the sober non-drugged people.”

    As long as the person doesn’t start operating heavy machinery (includes vehicles) I have no problems.

    I do think as drugs are more prevalent, employers will be doing more mandatory drug testing…

    Also, ALL gov’t employees should be subject to testing. Since I pay their salary I want the best possible and that doesn’t include drug users…

  13. brendal says:

    Well, then…


  14. Paddy-O says:

    #15 – Lot’s of “spiritual” people face down in the canals! 😉

  15. lucidologist says:

    Absolutely true! They changed my life and paradigm entirely in a few hour period. One Question: Why must people who have no experience be so persistent in telling people that do they are wrong?

  16. sadtruth says:

    #17 Jealously.

  17. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    #17 illucidologist – Changed my friends paradigm too. He ate the wrong ones and is now permanently drain bamaged. Be careful out there in the cow paddies.

  18. t0llyb0ng says:

    That some people might have a genuine spiritual experience is one of the most terrifying things to organized religions.

  19. GRtak says:

    I find that most people that are totally against the use of “Mind Altering Substances”(other than alcohol) have never had anything but alcohol. And most of those are angry or stupid drunks, so everything else must be much worse. Just another victim of the reefer madness generation drifting into the future.

    If we were to regulate these substnces more like alcohol and cigarettes, there would be far fewer problems associated with them. Plus there would be a new industry, new taxes, and more people working. Now wouldn’t that be a great way to dig ourselves out of this recession?

    PS shrooms rule

  20. maxinux says:

    This comes out of an update from MAPS about their work with psychadelics in FDA/NIDA approved studies, there work on MDMA for PTSD, Psilocybin for end of life for cancer patients, LSD psychotherapy etc.. Those are all going much easier than their marijuana vaporizer study.. Why? NIDA wont sell them 10 grams of pot; hence their work with Prof. Cracker for a Marijuana farm at Amherst as an alternative source for medicinal Marijuana for studies

  21. Joe says:

    #1 You’re an arsehole plain and simple,
    I can’t even be bothered to dignify an explanatory response.

  22. lou says:

    The kids luv the shrooms.

  23. poo says:

    ive been eating mushrooms regularly for 17 years and i still dont believe in god or any other higher power
    but i will say this
    mushrooms is a kick ass drug!

  24. Meteorkry says:

    shrooms can provide a deep spiritual experience if the user’s mindset is right…i know i did. and it does seem that those who bash drugs have never tried them, and are just giving in to the government’s control. not everything that comes out of the White House or congress is true, the sooner this is realized, the better off you’ll be. weed and shrooms are the 2 best drugs on the planet cuz they are natural, not physically addictive, and have little impact on health if used responsibly. Have fun guys and be safe!


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