Most people in this country have never heard of Mark Dutroux and the Belgian pedophile ring that allegedly involves government officials of the highest rank. Dutroux is currently serving life for murder, but it was revealed in court that he was just a small player in a much wider and powerfully connected group of pedophiles.

According to an email sent by the Metropolitan Police a child abduction ring based in Belgium placed an order for a “young girl”. Three-year-old Madeleine was spotted while on holiday in Portugal by someone connected to the gang who took a picture of her. The photograph was sent back to Belgium where the paedophile ring agreed that she should be abducted, the email states.

Three days later on May 3rd last year Madeleine was taken from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve while her parents ate at a nearby restaurant. The astonishing revelation supports Kate and Gerry McCann’s long-held theory that their eldest child may have been taken by a child smuggling ring. The email, sent by an intelligence officer on the Met’s vice squad on March 4 this year to counterparts in the Portuguese and Leicestershire police, marks a significant development in the case of the missing girl. Just last month Portuguese police closed their investigation and cleared the McCanns of any involvement in their daughter’s disappearance.

The email was revealed for the first time in police files made public this week.

It said: “Intelligence suggests that a paedophile ring in Belgium made an order for a young girl three days before Madeleine McCann was taken. “Somebody connected to this group saw Maddie, took a photograph of her and sent it to Belgium. The purchaser agreed that the girl was suitable and Maddie was taken.”

Paulo Rebelo, the head of the police investigation into Madeleine, ordered that the information be placed in the case file. The inquiry was then shelved on July 21, less than two months after Interpol was told there was no further information about the paedophile ring. Belgium has featured in the case already. There was an alleged sighting last August in Tongeren on the Dutch Belgian border but it was later ruled out. The country was at the centre of one of the most notorious paedophile investigations of recent years which saw Marc Dutroux jailed for life in 2004 after being convicted of kidnapping, raping and murdering young girls. He was found guilty of kidnapping and raping six girls, killing two of them and causing the deaths of two others. The case surrounding Dutroux, 47, an unemployed electrician and a convicted paedophile, shocked Europe in the mid-1990s.

A friend of Mr and Mrs McCann added: “Trafficking into Belgium forms a very strong part of their investigation as does trafficking into north Africa. “There is definitive hard evidence that this is very much alive and happening and they have looked into the fact that someone was targeting children and they may well have been stealing to order.”

Follow the Mark Dutroux link to learn more. It’s a disturbing story of sex parties, snuff films involving children and teenagers, and government complicity that was a huge story in Europe, and was mostly ignored elsewhere.

  1. JG says:

    Why do people keep ignoring the FACTS?

    There’s plenty of evidence that leads to an accidental death of Madeleine and a cover-up by her parents and friends.

    I understand that it’s not a very interesting story: parents wanted to go eat out with some friends; they gave some sleeping pills to their children; something went wrong; and unfortunately the little girl died… parents panicked and invented the kidnapping story to cover their mistake…

    As always the media circus “bought” the parents story and everything snowballed from there. I’m sick and tired of all these pedophile ring conspiracy theories.

  2. McCullough says:

    #1. So if you call it a conspiracy theory, you can easily dismiss that there exists a Belgian pedophile ring?


  3. JG says:

    2#. The Belgian pedophile ring is a completely different story. Unless the Belgians are responsible for the girls that go missing…

    I understand that the pedophile ring story makes for a “better” story and helps to sell more newspapers (and also get your blog more page hits). But unfortunately its JUST NOT TRUE!

    Read the latest police reports and I’m sure you’ll be surprised to find out that there’s no shred of evidence to prove that she Madeleine was kidnapped.

    On the other hand there is plenty of evidence that she died accidentally. The problem is that the Portuguese police made several mistakes regarding the investigation because they believed Madeleine’s parents.

    PS: I don’t think I deserve the last line of you comment… using old English to disguise insults is not a very good measure of a persons intelligence 😉

  4. Mr. Fusion says:

    #1, jg,

    If there was enough evidence the parents would have been charged. There isn’t and so they were released.


    I don’t subscribe to this pedophile ring theory though. It sounds too incredulous. If the ring was in Belgium I would have expected a kidnapping to occur in Belgium. At the most maybe northern France, western Germany, Netherlands, or Luxembourg. In Spain would require at least two border crossings or a long air flight.

  5. McCullough says:

    #4. Fusion- if you follow the links, it describes an international ring run from Belgium. Mostly abducting from the Eastern European region. The same type of human trafficking that provides the prostitution of the Netherlands.

  6. chuck says:

    Wasn’t Madeleine kidnapped by the Ramsey’s ?

  7. Mr. Fusion says:

    #3, jg,

    PS: I don’t think I deserve the last line of you comment… using old English to disguise insults is not a very good measure of a persons intelligence

    OK, moran.

  8. Ron Larson says:

    “Never attribute to conspiracy what can be easily explained by incompetence”

    This “theory” is utter nonsense. Don’t they have 3 year old girls in Belgium? Why would someone risk kidnapping a girl in Portugal when transporting her back to Belgium will greatly increase the chances of being caught?

  9. Miss_X2b says:

    I followed (and still follow) this story extensively and I never once believed that this child was kidnapped. I believe this poor child died at the hands of her parents albeit, it was an accidental death. It’s frustrating to not only see these parents get away with this, but they also made millions of dollars on it too.

  10. bobbo says:

    #9–MissX==if a parent accidently kills their kid, what is the appropriate punishment? Say too many sleeping pills or the kid reacts uniquely to them?

  11. davidvanb says:


    Thanck ewe four prooving #3’s poignt.

  12. bobbo says:

    Shennanigans!!! Killer Pedophile Ring?

    You guys are dopes.

    I can see “a ring” of people exchanging kiddie porn and one of these proud NAMBLA life style folks molests the next door kiddie.

    And from there, it goes international.

    Stranger abduction of kiddies is very rare. Worry about sugar coated corn flakes.

  13. the answer says:

    If the McCain family left their three year old daughter in a hotel room while they went to go eat lunch them they got what they deserve. Such shitty parenting. and it shows in his shitty leadership.

  14. Miss_X2b says:

    #10, it’s manslaughter. This means in the UK they would get a slap on the wrist from the courts but in Portugal they would see some hard jail time.

  15. eyespy says:

    That mark in her eye. Is that naturaly there
    since birth? Or a sign of her being struck in the past?

    And I can’t think of any one in law enforcment,
    that is intercepting ‘orders for children’ and
    hasn’t gone after the group long ago. Cops
    are REALLY motavated in these cases, as thay should be.

  16. bobbo says:

    #15–Miss X==you let us know what YOU believed, and you are not following the law by assuming their guilt.

    Why backpeddle to what a manslaughter conviction get you.

    So I’ll ask again. What punishment do YOU think parents who accidently kill their kids should get?

    I’d say grief counseling and monitoring for a time if other kiddies are in the family.

  17. deowll says:

    Not sure what happened.

    White slavers may seek targets from sources far from home because they don’t want to foul their own nest. Older girls are clearly being bought and sold.

    In many ways the EU is one nation. You could grab a kid and get on a train or small plane and pretty much go where you want.

  18. GF says:

    Why has no one bought up the obvious?
    Alien abduction.

    Really, it’s a sad story that will probably be solved when someone gets drunk and starts blabbing away.

  19. RASTERMAN says:

    #14, McCann, not McCain.



  20. Li says:

    Kinky sex and pedophilia is used throughout the EU/America as a way to control buisness leaders and politicians.

    One video of you, even in the background, with child rape going on, and they own you forever.

  21. Mary T. says:

    I was in Praia da Luz last summer. The reason she was taken from there is that it is so easy. The road that leads out of town is very dark at that hour. Praia da Luz is centered on the beach, but the countryside surrounding it is barren and bleak and if you wanted to steal a child, it is the perfect place. Shame on any of you who think her parents did this. Perhaps you cannot deal with just how evil the human heart can be. I live near Boulder, Colorado and I have followed the case of Jon Benet Ramsey. People thought she was killed by her parents too, but thanks to a man named Lou Smit, a brilliant homocide detective, they were cleared by the Boulder police. They have this person’s DNA and someday the case will be solved.

  22. Jessf says:

    Maddie was kidnapped. Witnesses saw her at 6pm, by 10pm she was gone – her parents were with other people the whole time and there simply wouldn’t have been time to kill maddie, accidentally or otherwise, dispose of the body and return to the ‘tappas 7’ by 9.10pm. I think the kidnapped to order theory is the the most likely and my heart goes out to the McCann family.

  23. Tim says:

    Huhh…Yawn. What??

  24. Tim says:

    Well, considering lack of any further suggestions, I’m defering to McCullough’s post here:

    Top of my list is the guy with the purple robe and funny hat — no, not Teletubby… pervs.

    • martine says:

      just read your comment, purple robe? are you talking of a cardinal or bishop. or maybe one that wants to be. they never operate alone, what disgusts me most is that being a woman, i cannot understand how a woman can do that to a family or a child.but the cream always rises.


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