1. Cursor_ says:


    If not revolution (bloddless prefferably) then what?

    Keep electing plutocrats???

    Will one of them hopefully be beneficent???

    Dream on.


  2. bobbo says:

    #61–geof==that would be fair if honest but still extremely inartful in its presentation.

    Can anyone harm the USA more than BushCo has accomplished?

    So yes==stand guard against our leaders going astray, but don’t prevent correction because of “fear.”

    It would be very difficult to move this country way far left. What specifically are you actually afraid of? Universal Healthcare coverage that actually works??? Taxation that puts the burden of government on those receiving the benefits rather than on the next generation==etc.

    I suspect your thinking is so limited to bumper stickers that you will be hard pressed to pick a narrow issue and expound on what your legitimate concern actually is.

    Go ahead==try it.

  3. Shubee says:

    Joe Biden in that video is kind of scary. I guess then that the Democrats have a good chance of winning.

  4. #61 – Jeffie

    >>I agree except I think it’ll go too far
    >>Left, so I won’t support it.

    Since you were the one who said “Seriously, what does Obama have, other than dark skin, that could possibly be new?“, I guess that “dark skin” is too much fer ya, huh?

  5. web says:

    # 54 “Oh, now THERE’S a practical suggestion. Perhaps we should find someone to channel Abbie Hoffman?”

    How about mr. William Charles Ayers.

    Ask Opie to give him a call.

  6. geofgibson says:

    #65 – Mustard, “I guess that “dark skin” is too much fer ya, huh?”

    Uh, no. Since I said it was the swing which, I think, will be too far to the left that I don’t support. I never mentioned skin color being a problem. Maybe a little latent racism projecting out from yourself?

  7. #67 – Jeffie

    >>“Can anyone harm the USA more than BushCo has >>accomplished?” Sure, Jimmy Carter.

    Jimmy Carter was like a gift from Heaven compared to Dumbya and his puppetmasters (President Cheney/Rove).

    At least Jimmy Carter tried to do the right thing. And everybody knows it. Dumbya, on the other hand, is a shallow, cowardly ignorant, silver-spoon flunky, jerked around on a string by his evil ventriloquists.

  8. Paddy-O says:

    #69 “At least Jimmy Carter tried to do the right thing.”

    Unfortunately, the road to hell is paved with…

    Carter was a failure, no doubt about it. So is Bush.

  9. geofgibson says:

    #69 – Mustard, if you want to throw and names, we could add America hating anti-Semite to Carter, but why bother?
    He set the stage for where we find ourselves today buy bungling everything having to do with our hostages and radical Islam.
    I’m not particularly fond of either administration.

  10. #71 – Jeffie

    >>we could add America hating anti-Semite
    >>to Carter, but why bother?

    You could, but then you’d be just another ding-dong who thinks that anyone who sees two sides to an issue must be an America-hating anti-semite.

    Of course, maybe that’s just what you are. Hm?

  11. Thomas says:

    #28 (RE: Voting)
    1. Receipts. To what purpose? Suppose there are complaints about a particular voting machine. Are you going to assume that everyone kept their receipt and that the receipt is not molested or forged? What happens if your receipts does not match your vote? What about the people that tossed their receipt? Do we simply throw their vote ? Receipts, IMO provide a false sense of security.

    2. English ballots. Could not agree more.

    3. NOTA. The problem is that this would be incredibly expensive. Further, what do you do with the person in office? To wit, suppose we implement NOTA this year and none of the candidates garner sufficient votes to win. That presumably keeps Bush in office until someone actually wins the election. Although I”m not a Bush hater, after a candidate’s term is up, I want them out.

    > Obama will take us to the
    > dawning of a new age.

    Possibly true. What is doubtful is that said age will an improvement.

    I would agree that Obama, on the surface, seems like a respectable person. I simply do not agree with his ideas which have been tried and failed. We should endeavor to reduce the power of the Federal government, not give it more.

  12. Greg says:

    Yeah, things that were said during a press conference 20 years ago are real relevant today.

  13. Rick Cain says:

    I’m not sure America is ready for an educated president and VP.

  14. GregAllen says:

    >> Rick Cain said,
    >> I’m not sure America is ready for an educated president and VP.

    At least the half of America who voted for the worst president in recent history… TWICE.

    I mean, that bunch had their brains turned off and screwed us all in the process.

    They should have their heads paraded around on pikes but I’ll be satisfied with another fifty years of progressive liberal government.

  15. #73 – Thomas

    >>We should endeavor to reduce the power of the
    >>Federal government, not give it more.

    I agree. The role of the Federal government should be restricted to providing services for US citizens that neither they nor the states can reasonably be expected to provide for themselves.

    Unfortunately, the past 8 years have seen a malignant growth in the power of (but not the services provided by) the Federal government.

  16. Noam Sane says:

    Should you have Photoshopped him, John? Put a clown nose on him or something? You’re slipping.


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