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  1. Canadian says:

    That’s our girl! She won a gold using this technique, works every time. Try it, I’m sure you’ll be “convincing” using this.

    We Canadians will resort to anything to win a damn medal.

  2. mthrnite says:

    Say, would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?

  3. phdude says:

    I called you “butt head” not “butt hole!”

  4. crimsonfenix says:

    Ya like tha doncha bitch.

  5. RoflPost says:


  6. heavyd says:

    Fisting…the new Olympic sport

  7. dody874 says:

    I FOUND JIMMY!!!!!!!

  8. JLM says:


  9. crankygreeks says:

    “Me so horny”

    It could be worse. The ancient games were all male, 100% naked and greased bodys.

  10. the answer says:

    Think you were funny when you farted last round?

  11. Raff says:

    Not the craw!!!! THE CRAW!!

  12. Bags4112 says:

    “After fingering the opposition as being hostile, the results were crappy”

  13. TVAddict says:

    Tap out or I add another finger….beeotch!

  14. Brock says:

    The new Obamarama Hit Squad in action
    “OK now repeat after me, I will not vote for Hillary. SAY IT!! SAAAAAAAAY IT!!”

  15. Thomas says:

    “Ow! My balls!”

  16. Uncle Patso says:

    “I’ll show you a Left Wing!”

  17. ECA says:


  18. Corey says:

    This is called finger control.


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