Campaign Updates — Meanwhile McCain’s campaigners are trying to get Barr off the PA ballot although he followed the rules.

Bob Barr. Troublemaker or last honest man?

Last night, our campaign manager, Russell Verney, submitted a very clear letter to the Texas Secretary of State.

In the letter, Russ stated:

The Democratic Party, and Mr. Obama and the Republican Party and Mr. McCain blatantly ignored the Texas statutory deadline.

Therefore, the Libertarian candidate for president, Bob Barr, as represented by his principal campaign committee, Bob Barr 2008, demands that your office keep the names of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain and Sarah Palin off the Texas general election ballot.

Failure of the Secretary of State to comply with Texas law will result in serious legal consequences.

In the event that the Secretary of State’s office in Texas does not comply with its own law, we are prepared to file suit, however this battle will just be the beginning.

On top of the additional and large legal expenses that we are likely to incur, we are going to have to divert campaign resources to deal with the media that is just starting to carry this story . . . but not in a positive manner.

Any bets both McCain and Obama will be on the ballot anyway?

  1. Greg Allen says:

    >> MikeN said,
    >> An honest vote is one that follows the rules.

    You and I agree on this one.

    Too bad GOP strategists don’t.

    Have you read this book? It’s by one of your guys who went to jail for vote rigging for the GOP.

    How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative

  2. RRdude says:

    This issue was covered well over a week ago already – it’s a non- starter.

    The Republicans and Democrats filed and made the deadline, but filed incomplete forms, because they had not “officially” nominated their candidates until their respective conventions (John McCain hadn’t even selected a running mate as of the deadline, and the republican filing therefore read “John McCain and running mate”. The parties waited until after their conventions to file finalized amended forms which could be placed on the ballot.

    Standard practice, no laws were broken

  3. chris says:


    Of course it was a wish list. That is what I intended. My point is that we all have wish lists, as it were. They don’t become law (or common practice) until we can find enough people who agree with us. That of course requires that we do make arguments, although in the case of moral arguments, this involves finding some general moral principle we can all agree on and argue from there. The moral principle itself is subjective, although because of our common biology and cultural heritage, we often have similar subjective moral principles.

  4. Interesting debate. Cursor_ seems to believe that Barr is a waffle maker too. That may be. It sounds like many of you commenting here would be kindred spirits with Bob and me over at We’re cataloging his position changes and other foibles. We hope you’ll check us out. And while you’re there, we hope you’ll grab your own copy of Obama Waffles—an edible collectible. We’ve created 11 oz of instant waffle mix inside a colorful box covered with biting political satire and laugh-out-loud lampoons. Check it out and get your copy today. We’ll be sure to link to your blog from ours. Will you do the same?

  5. MarkP says:

    Bob Barr is going to peel off enough votes from McCain in Georgia to give the state to Obama and may do the same in other close southern states. Thus handing the White House to Obama on a silver platter. GO BOB BARR!!!

  6. ECA says:


  7. Mr. Fusion says:

    Well, I have to say, if dem’s the rules, follow ’em.

    Yes it will mean counting five million votes by hand, the same as they used to do before scanning devices. That will mean several recounts, but hey, the Texas Republican dominated legislature made the rules.

    And, as I have said several times before, if you don’t like the law, change it. Elect people that will change it. That is democracy.

  8. Paddy-O says:

    #32 I read all of these and these issues YEARS ago. There was no illegal activity. Making phone calls disenfranchises voters? LOL.

    NOBODY was stopped from going to polls and voting who could legally vote. NONE of the links showed that. Sorry, thanks for playing…

    BTW- The GOP is SO good at this that they lost control of the House and Senate. All part of their diabolical plan I guess?

    Tighten the straps on your tinfoil hat. It has just begun!

  9. MikeN says:

    GregAllen, shutting down a Democratic Party phone bank in Connecticut, wouldn’t even make the top 10 of Democrat hijinks.

  10. bobbo says:

    #41–Paddy==you know the problem with being a koolaid drinker? You are so deep in the lie that you lose all credibility. Good. Keep it up. That way when in a vacuum some of your positions/facts might make some sense, the bias you show in this response is controlling.

    You say: “NOBODY was stopped from going to polls and voting who could legally vote. NONE of the links showed that. Sorry, thanks for playing…”==and that just makes you a DOPE.

    Why don’t you try again and refute what Robert Kennedy said at:

    Recall that if your name is off the eligibility roster you legally can’t vote, so your conclusion to that effect is really stupid. Thanks for playing…….

  11. QB says:

    #42 MikeN

    Don’t you just wish the frat boys on both sides would grow up?

  12. Paddy-O says:

    #43 – “Recall that if your name is off the eligibility roster you legally can’t vote, so your conclusion to that effect is really stupid. Thanks for playing…….”

    Sorry, that was investigated and found that no illegal activity took place. So, other than links to lib sites that are partisan please give credible links. Also, explain how the dems took congress…

  13. bobbo says:

    #45–Paddy==well, you raise a fair issue there, that of no prosecutions. The evidence of crimes against democratic party voters (if true?) seems pretty conclusive.

    I wonder if there is some sort of political understanding that if you cheat but aren’t caught on film that that is just sport==eg, the impeachment of Bush.

    So, yea==its more likely the Repugs have been lying, cheating, and stealing elections while the Dems have sat back ineffectually and let them do it, than it is that all the irregularities in favor of the repugs is the result of random chance.

  14. Paddy-O says:

    #47 “The evidence of crimes against democratic party voters (if true?) seems pretty conclusive.”

    Then at a minimum there would be successful lawsuits. (Dems have plenty of Tort atty’s) That there isn’t is enough to put spikes, much less nails in the coffin of this conspiracy theory…

    Also, if the repubs were that good at it they wouldn’t have lost both houses of congress…

  15. bobbo says:

    #49–Paddy==”that good” is a vague concept. If the facts Kennedy quoted where not simply made up then they aren’t really that good. But yes, I agree and would think the Dem’s would sue at the drop of a whiff of suspicion, so no lawsuits is a couple of nails I agree.

    But this is “politics” and by the same rationale I would say why haven’t the Dems impeached Bush and why are the Dems still funding Iraq and actually the list of incomprehensible behavior goes on.

    Rove is smart enough not to use this secret weapon so much so that even the Dems respond? “To be Used only in Presidential Elections” could well be the label on that box of tricks.

  16. Paddy-O says:

    #49 “If the facts Kennedy quoted ”

    How can you tell if a Kennedy is lying?

  17. Glenn E. says:

    Notice how everything in this country had to wait until after the Olympics was finished, in China? Only one media circus at a time, please.

    So even though the primaries had the earliest start in history, this time. They still couldn’t make the deadline in Texas. Which was probably established centuries ago, to give their voters plenty of time to hitch up their wagons and get to the votin places. After the candidates all registered. It’s a big state ya know.


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