1. admash says:

    “Hey! Hold the trunk up so I can get some light in here!!”

  2. Balbas says:

    “Carlos… CARLOS”


    “Where did you say the pancreas was again?”

  3. hhopper says:

    This is for Angel:

    A reverse Hot Carl!

  4. GF says:

    And here I thought Obama had his head up his a** but now I see that he’s got it up Sarah Palins.

  5. ECA says:

    Evaluation of the housing industry.

  6. Eric says:

    Never, ever challenge Harold to a game of Truth or Dare.

  7. jackfreedom says:

    (muffled) “Two more and we beat the record of 10!”

  8. DDub says:

    The IRS will impose a greater burden on Republicans under Obama’s new tax plan.

  9. “I told you that an elephant could not digest a human if he was wearing Tyvek! Bill, are you OK?””

  10. superfrog says:

    Fire in the Whole

  11. jerry says:

    …and then there are the brown collar workers.

  12. PadeOne says:

    Yup, It’s an Intel…

  13. SPC mxpwr03 says:

    reminds me of the anti-Iraq war story finding process employed by the editors at dvorak.org/blog

  14. Morph says:

    Barack…..Barack????!!! Your in the Elephant, you need to be in the Jackass…..

  15. tj says:

    “Hey guys! i found Waldo!!!”

  16. Darnell says:

    My job sucks…I work with a lot of assholes!”

  17. Darnell says:

    “I knew if we waited long enough, he’d shit him out!”

  18. Darnell says:

    “Another politician with his head up the ass of the Republicans”

  19. MattY says:

    #67 – Funny as hell.

  20. PcMonster says:

    No No, I said, “Hang on to my feet!”

  21. HrdReturn says:

    “come towards the light Carol-ann!”

  22. Tayster says:

    Q) What do you do when you get swallowed by an elephant?

    A) Run around until you get pooped out.


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