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Saudi official: Death for ‘immoral’ network owners – International Herald Tribune — This is a tough audience!

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: A senior Saudi official said Sunday that owners of satellite TV networks that show “immoral” content should be brought to trial and sentenced to death if other penalties don’t deter them from airing such broadcasts.

The comments by Sheik Saleh al-Lihedan, the chief of the kingdom’s highest tribunal, the Supreme Judiciary Council, were an attempt to explain a fatwa, or decree, he issued last week, in which he said just that it was permissible to kill the network’s owners.

Appearing on government-run Saudi TV Sunday, al-Lihedan seemed to be trying to calm the controversy his original comments triggered, explaining that the owners of offending networks should be warned and punished before possibly being brought to trial and executed.

On Sunday, he said his “advice” was aimed at owners who broadcast witchcraft, indecent programs, shows that mock scholars or the religious police and comedies that are not appropriate for Ramadan.

Government-run channels in deeply conservative Saudi Arabia steer well clear of any programming that could be deemed risque. However, on satellite broadcasts it is possible to see Western music videos as well as American soaps and TV series, such as “Sex and the City,” that include some nudity.

“If they are not deterred by the punishment and continue corrupting people through the broadcasts, then it is permissible for the relevant authorities to kill them after trials,” al-Lihedan told Saudi TV. A transcript of the interview was carried by the official Saudi Press Agency in Arabic and English.

  1. gquaglia says:

    #30, until the oil runs out anyway.

  2. OvenMaster says:

    “Gotta love Sharia law!®”

  3. H. Friedman says:

    “should be brought to trial and sentenced to death”

    They talk about these things like they are mutually exclusive in an attempt to justify barbarity. We gave these desert animals wealth. Now will we sit around and let them slowly poison humanity on a global level with this brainwashing religion extremism? Its happening folks. And on our coin! We NEED to get off oil and send them back to tents before they own America, if its not too late already. What will YOU do to help?

  4. H. Friedman says:

    [Duplicate comment deleted. Please don’t double post. – ed.]

  5. And yet another example of the spoiled brats royal family of Saudi Arabia
    If they did not have oil……

  6. zorkor says:

    Freedom of Speech I say! If the American president can dictate and kill people in the name of so called democracy then why cant other countries have atleast the freedom to say whatever they want? Saudi Arabia has America by the balls, that you fatty ass americans should never forget.

  7. GetSmart says:

    I’m beginning to be very glad that there is only so much oil. The 4th Century BCE will be experienced SO much more fully once it is gone. It’ll get downright authentic again.

  8. zorkor says:

    If islam called for the death of all of you then none of you would have been living right now. All of you would have been dead. The only reason that you people are alive is that Islam really is a religion of peace and doesnt want any war with anyone. We are a billion+ muslims, think what would have become all of you if we all declared war at once.

  9. Glenn E. says:

    How the h*ll come these extremist Saudi officials got the balls to say this stuff, and no other government officials of “free world” nations ever have the balls to denounce it? If it were Hitler, they’d be all over his rants. But since it isn’t (cause he’s dead), these guys are cuddled and their statements tolerated and respun. Let’s face it, if they weren’t sitting on a ton of crude oil, we’d have fragged their asses. And the Saudi probably know that it’s the world’s need for their oil, that lets them get away with it. So they’re a bunch of pussies for hiding behind their economic assets. If they really want a piece of US. Let them come in person to some isolated spot, where they can back up what they say with a little one on one contest. And I don’t mean having a few thousand soldier boys standing in for them (on either side).

  10. Lou says:

    The day I follow these people, is the day I pull out a gun and blow my head off.

  11. Mr Diesel says:

    #38 zorkor

    You’re kidding, right? If a billion Muslims declared war on the rest of us my guess is that there would be about 950 million dead Muslims with the rest living like rats avoiding exposure.

  12. H. Friedman says:

    Arabs would be NOTHING without oil and western/european technology. Thats a fact. Why does Osama wear a Timex? Hmmmm. Who invented the light bulb, the rocket, nuclear technology. NOT the Arabs. The list is endless. They didn’t even know about oil. We pulled them from the camels and tents. They should go back to where THEY belong. Maybe we’ll save a few for Disney World, but thats about it. We as a civilized society should recognized that we enabled these idiots to ruin the modern world and correct the situation before its too late.

  13. KJ says:

    Well Arabs r the ones who brought Europe out of the shit they were living in then the ottomans controlled them for centuries & in the late ottoman-era they prevented them from being what they r because of the fucking Europeans who started acting like some smart shit heads but the Arabs believed them since they had no choice.
    the religion of Islam is the only right thing in this world & each & every one of u will realize that…sooner or later…& i know that each one of u knows that.


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