Palins private e-mail hacked, posted to Net | Community — Cripes, what next. Now McCain looks smart for not using email, wot?

The activist group called “anonymous,” best known for its jousts with the Church of Scientology, has apparently hacked into the private Yahoo e-mail account of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican candidate for vice president. Contents of that account, including two sample e-mails, an index of messages and Palin family photos, have been posted by the whistleblower site Wikileaks, which contends that they constitute evidence that Palin has improperly used her private e-mail to shield government business from public scrutiny, an issue that had already been raised by others.

Found by twelvetwo.

  1. J says:

    # 62 Montanaguy

    “Actual americans will find this Palin-bashing crap repulsive, mean-spirited and mindless. ”

    What part of being an American would make you see it that way? Please tell me what American trait would define how one interprets something?

  2. awollangk says:

    OK, I’m an Obama supporter and I think that posting this publicly was EXTREMELY bad form. I wouldn’t have hacked her account in the first place, but posting it like this will really only 1) hurt any kind of legitimate investigation and 2) end up associated with the Obama campaign and provide the McCain camp an avenue to paint themselves as the victims.

    I agree that it is certainly POSSIBLE that Rove was behind this, but unless “anonymous” comes out *denying* responsibility I think it’s unlikely. As an established group, they may appreciate the press and cred this gives them, but hacking Yahoo isn’t exactly a challenging target so the cred isn’t exactly sterling and their denial would really only increase the amount of press… All in all, there’s really no way to say for sure from what I’ve heard, but I’m definitely leaning toward “anonymous” and away from Rove in my suspicion.

    I also agree that there has been a lot of mud slinging against Palin. All kinds of rumors and crap that really annoy me even more than the right-wing “Barack *!!!**HUSSEIN**!!*! Obama (SOUNDS LIKE OSAMA!!!)” crap. The main difference that allows me to continue to support Obama is whether these attacks are coming from some nutjob Obama supporter or Rovian machinations of the McCain camp, the likelihood of it coming from someone actually in Obama’s campaign staff is slim to none. The “HE CALLED PALIN A PIG” and “HE WANTS TO SELL CONDOMS TO KINDERGARTENERS” lies are in a bona-fide “I am John McCain and I approved this message” advertisement. (For anyone who wants the real story behind these issues, I recommend which is actually just interested in verifying facts and is pretty darn non-partisan.)

  3. Mr. Fusion says:

    #62, Hanahmontana

    What bad publicity? Like most libs, you’re clueless.

    On Sept. 13, Palin had a 52% favorable and 30% unfavorable rating. A 22 point difference compared to McCain’s 20 point and Obama’s 13 point differences.

    By Sept 17, Palin had dropped to 47% favorable and 37% unfavorable. A 10 point difference. Why? Simply because her notoriety is starting to catch up with her. Add the decline of the Republican Convention bounce and the whole McCain ticket is sliding.

    Between now and Nov. 4, voters will stop seeing Palin as a fascinating story and starting taking her measure as an actual candidate for office. Some will approve; some won’t. It remains to be seen whether Palin’s recent slide will continue, or hurt John McCain in the polls. But it’s hard to argue that the journey from intriguing new superstar to earthbound politician–a necessary part of the process–doesn’t involve a loss of altitude.

    Andrew Romano, Newsweek

    I don’t know if the email hack is a Republican set-up or an actual hack. I do know her bullshit is catching up with her and her lipstick is wearing off to reveal the dog beneath.


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