TSA “Freedom” scan

On June 21, TSA’s primary operational hub was re-named the Freedom Center, symbolizing the agency’s commitment to protecting the nation’s transportation systems against terrorist threats. The name was proposed by Todd Fox, security manager at Philadelphia International Airport, through an agency-wide contest asking TSA employees to submit names.

“The building houses a number of organizations whose main objective is to preserve the freedom of the American public. What better name would remind all of those who work in that building, and in the field, of that objective on a continuing basis.”

The Freedom Center houses many elements of the TSA, including the Federal Air Marshal Service/Office of Law Enforcement as well as other federal agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Defense. Located in Herndon, Va., it links all modes of transportation and coordinates with all homeland security agencies.

Signs of TSA’s origins on 9/11, including a girder from the World Trade Center, part of an airplane wing from the Shanksville, Pa., crash site of Flight 93 and pieces of the Pentagon walls, are displayed inside the Freedom Center.

TSA Administrator Kip Hawley said the Freedom Center is the heart of what TSA does and “is not a place to sit and watch.”

Next look for Freedom Tasers, or Freedom Detention Camps, and don’t forget about Operation Iraqi Freedom…wait, I think that’s been used. The point is, stick Freedom on the label and the dumbed down public will wet themselves to get on board.

TSA “Freedom Feelup”

  1. JimR says:

    If you REALLY want freedom, don’t wear any underwear.

  2. ECA says:

    Can i ask for an address, of this location??

  3. Glenn E. says:

    I have a maxim I live by when I job hunt. Don’t trust an employer who doesn’t trust their employees. Unfortunately, you have to work with some for awhile before you learn how much they distrust. The reason they do, is because they think everyone is just as dishonest as they are.

    When it comes to these air travel inspections, I have to wonder if my maxim doesn’t apply again? Especially when they’re searching little old ladies and toddlers. What are the odds of them being terrorists, really?! Distrusting all passengers, to ensure the safety of all, doesn’t strike me as good public relations. What they’re really protecting is their capital investment (the plane) and the airline’s bottom line. Herding the passengers thru check points like cattle, reflects more of how they see them as live cargo, with few rights or expectations of service.

    I for one hope this will boost the use of rail travel. So maybe the passenger lines will start getting the same level of subsidies as the airlines have. And more than one high speed train will be built.

  4. contempt says:

    One requirement to land this specialized TSA job, which allows the legal groping of any passenger that has paid for the service is to complete a course from the Ted Kennedy school of voyeurism – a subsidiary of Grab-That-Booty U.

  5. NSA-guy says:

    1984, We are behind schedule.

  6. LoTechNo says:

    IF…. I was gay.


    I would want that job.

  7. Don says:

    So, they are preserving our freedoms by taking away all of our freedoms!

    Ah, ok, now I get it.


  8. noname says:

    U.S. Freedom is what Bush & NeoCons say it is. Any dissent or questions, well then your not a good Bush American. Any questions?

  9. no one important says:

    This has been said many times before. I can’t take credit for it, but here goes…

    The terrorists hate us for our freedom, right? So if they take away all our freedom, the terrorists won’t hate us anymore and we’ll be safe!

  10. Rick Cain says:

    I’ve always wondered what would happen if you went through one of those body scanners that made you naked digitally……but sporting an erection. Technically you aren’t naked, but you are givin’ the TSA a treat.

  11. MIKEY says:

    at least they changed the name to TSA

    started out much longer

    Federal Air Transport Air Safety Service

    ( FATASS) For short

  12. Rebekah says:

    Would you rather get rammed into a building and die or the other option of getting blown up in midair? if it spares hundreds or even thousands from dying then go right on ahead and scan me!

  13. tko1717 says:

    Latest news…

    TSA will soon be renamed to TNA.

  14. tsahater says:

    How about the “T&A Feeldum Center”?