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  1. Paddy-O says:

    #33 Mr Fusion had a brain seizure and said,

    “He (John McCain) doesn’t know what it is like to make the hard decisions ”


  2. Angus says:

    Calling 3 golfcarts and a vintage jeep as some of their cars!?!?! BS. Their most expensive cars are a Lexus and a Cadillac. Well within the means of many Americans. And, are any of these the primary vehicle of any of his many kids?

    Regardless, jealously seems to be a top tool in his election cycle.

  3. Mr. Fusion says:

    #35, Angus,

    jealously seems to be a top tool in (t)his (sic)election cycle.

    And here I thought it was McCain’s hypocrisy, lack of understanding, and his elitism.

  4. OhForTheLoveOf says:

    #6 What kind of source is Daily Kos?

    A legitimate one.

  5. Garthcp says:

    Oh good

    Now that people know that McCain has more money than Obama, they definitely shouldn’t vote for him …

    When exactly did it become unAmerican to be successful? Or is that just in Elections?

  6. KevinL says:

    This is no liberal blog. This is a just a website setup to bring in cash. What JCD found out is the best way to do that was to center it around politics with a techno-liberal slant. That way people can post things like “Daily Kos is legitimate.” Other people will point out how rediculous that is. Then others will say “No way can McCain win becaus ehe’s an elitist.” Other people will point out that a large majority of elected officials are elitists (Palin is probably the only one on either ticket who knows how much a gallon of milk costs) who are by definition, out of touch with the average citizen. Meanwhile, JCD rakes in the cash. How else could he afford all those expensive $9 bottles of Costco wine?

  7. Rabble Rouser says:

    Aw heck, I have more cars than both of them…

    Matchbox cars!

  8. Paddy-O says:

    #39 “Meanwhile, JCD rakes in the cash. How else could he afford all those expensive $9 bottles of Costco wine?”

    Say what you will about the financials of the website but JCD knows how to pick the right wine off of a menu.

  9. MikeN says:

    Not good enough. If you are demanding higher mileage standards and promoting that Toyota is selling an average of 40 mpg, then you shouldn’t be driving a vehicle that gets just 29. Especially when this is a new car purchased in July to look green. His last car got about 20 mpg.

  10. Paddy-O says:

    McCain may have more possessions but, the Pope just announced that Obama is to be made an official saint of the Church.

    The Pope said that Obama’s work with ACORN to successfully raise the dead spurred this decision.

  11. MikeN says:

    Looks like John McCain doesn’t throw away his cars. While Obama got rid of a good 300C.

    Elitist isn’t having money, it is complaining about the price of arugula at Whole Foods.

  12. MikeN says:

    McCain’s Prius is elitist.

    However, given his sponsorship of McCain-Lieberman global warming bill, I would expect McCain to ride in nothing but that Prius or the golf carts.

  13. oldgreygeek says:

    Wait a minute:
    The Mccains have money because Cindy’s Dad worked for it. The Obama’s money all came from you the Taxpayers. Same for their education. The McCains payed for theirs, the Obamas received theirs from Grants, and Taxpayer subsidies. There are Takers and Givers in this world. Obama is surrounded by Takers, The good Reverand(s), the Jessie’s the Lewis guy, the Terriost, all are on some kind of take from the taxpayers. They all have multiMillion$ homes, and none have ever worked a day in their recent 20year life, other than collecting some kind of Grant, or subsidy, or gift, or handout. Being that I live in Chicago, the whole political system here is full of takers not givers. The McCains, on the otherhand are Givers. Cindy gives her money and herself to causes all over the world for many years. John has given himself to server this nation. This is not a political statement it is just plain fact, it doesn’t mean one is perfect and the other is not, it is just a statement of takers and givers.

    BTW, Mr. Dvork, I have been reading your stuff since the old Byte Mag days, I have been in the industry since ’68 and some of your ideas and topics have changed so much, you really must stop smoking that stuff.

  14. Jean-Denis Haas says:

    Wow. So they put this image together in order to point out flaws, yet they can’t spell “their”? Oh boy.

  15. MLV says:

    #37, OhForTheLoveOf

    You think Daily Kos is a legitimate source?

    What about the utter BULLSHIT they made up, in very deep detail, about Bristol being the mother of Trig? You consider that a legitimate story?

  16. JM says:

    I’m John McCain, and I approved of that jet.

  17. Ruck says:

    Must be nice to be able to leave your wife after she gets into a horrible accident, then go off and marry an heiress.

  18. ac3smith says:

    The Obama family owns only 1 house and one Ford Escape Hybrid? Get real. If Barrack drives the Escape to work, how does Michelle take the kids to soccer practice?

    What a joke. And people eat it up…

  19. Paddy-O says:

    #52 “how does Michelle take the kids to soccer practice?”

    They take the bus! LOL

  20. Paddy-O says:

    #54 I thought it was the Short Bus…

  21. Mr. Fusion says:

    #49, MVL,

    What about the utter BULLSHIT they made up, in very deep detail, about Bristol being the mother of Trig? You consider that a legitimate story?

    The story was not “made up” by Kos. Several other stories about this appeared elsewhere before Kos ran with it. And yes, it is a legitimate story based upon circumstantial evidence that has not been disproved by the Palin camp.

    No woman would ignore that her water breaks and flies 14 hours to get home before seeking medical treatment in some backwater hick town hospital. No physician would suggest she continue her journey knowing she was leaving a major city with the best equipped hospitals (Seattle) to continue flying home. Any woman who is seven months pregnant will show her pregnancy, yet there are no pictures showing Sarah pregnant but several that do not show her pregnancy.

    Bristol was out of school this whole time being home schooled. Home schooled ??? Give me a break, her mother is in charge of the Alaska Education system yet won’t send her own child to attend even though the younger children do?

    So cry all you want, those are the facts. Until proven otherwise, this is Bristol’s kid. I don’t give a shit about that though. What I care about is the hypocrisy of the situation and Sarah using the kid to promote her own campaign.

  22. Mr. Fusion says:

    #52, smith,

    If Barrack drives the Escape to work, how does Michelle take the kids to soccer practice?

    In case you haven’t noticed lately, Obama is driven in a Secret Service vehicle. The same as McCain. Michelle drives the car. So before you complain about that, since McCain has more vehicles, he has more to explain about his use of government cars.

    #54, peehead,

    #53 …and not any bus, they take the Magic Bus.

    No, they use Mommy’s Bus, the same as most other families with kids doing sports. I just guess that all the Venezuela buses have bullet holes in them. American buses don’t usually.

    #55, Cow-Paddy,

    #54 I thought it was the Short Bus…

    You would. I assume because of your own familiarity. HOWEVER, many families around here refer to the family mini-van as “the Short Bus” as a self deprecating joke. If you ever grow up and have children of your own you might understand the joke.

  23. Paddy-O says:

    #57 “If you ever grow up and have children of your own you might understand the joke.”

    They’re already in college

  24. MLV says:

    You really are a sad, sad man, Mr. Fusion. Logic escapes you.

  25. deowll says:

    Cindy McCain is worth something over 100,000,000 dollars.

    Obama’s wife is a pauper by comparison.

    This tells me what about the two men?

    That Obama doesn’t have what it takes to marry a rich woman?

  26. MikeN says:

    She got rich after Obama’s career went up.

    Pedro, Bill Clinton’s official asset list was painted as very small before the election, even saying he was the lowest paid governor.

  27. Glenn E. says:

    So it’s been like a 150 years since Lincoln. And still we’re considering who gets to be president, based on such weighty issue as whether or not they were born in a log cabin? And how many log cabin do they own? That’s what all this “elitist or not” crap boils down to. When at least one of the issues should be, whether they’d eat possum stew or not? I don’t know. But I’m sure that there are a ton more critical issues for them to come clean on, and aren’t.

  28. BigCarbonFoot says:

    #56 – as much as I disagree with you on most things – I had a certain amount of respect before finding out you believe that crap and trust KOS as a reliable source of anything but mindless hate. The respect index is a little lower now. Bummer.


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