Found by Dan Lyons.

  1. jasmoran66 says:

    Now that’s what I visit this site for! Top notch stuff! Thanks.

  2. m.c. in l.v. says:

    Possibly the “Whitest” version of the Theme from Shaft you’ll ever hear or see. Brilliant!

  3. QB says:

    The ukulele is a great instrument. I’d buy one but I couldn’t afford the divorce that would go along with it. I’m threatening bagpipes though…

  4. JimD says:

    That’s what Bush’s Bailout gives American Workers – THE SHAFT !!! After 8 years of REPUKES ***STEALING IN ALL DIRECTIONS***, DUMBYA wants American Workers to make Wall Street whole !!! What a CROCK OF SH*T !!!

  5. Absolutely top video!

  6. tomdennis says:

    Nice is the word to describe this sound. But I like the power of the original much better. It evoked sex and power where this is just timid and tepid.

  7. Mr. Fusion says:

    Great start to the day.

    Did McCain invent the ukulele too?

  8. Byron says:

    Whooo hooo! Just what I needed this morning.

  9. Jess Hurchist says:

    They’ve got plenty of other great tracks, I can recommend their version of Status Quo’s ‘Caroline’

  10. cnewborn says:

    God Bless the originator of “Shaft” Black Moses from Memphis; “Flying Calvin in 1952” from Memphis is still shooting “From the Hip”.

  11. Isaac Hunt says:

    I like the way the camera zooms in on the only “brother” in the crowd.

  12. victoriavox says:

    this is fantastic!!!!

  13. torero80 says:

    Can you dig it?

  14. Addie says:

    Long live Isaac Hayes!
    Thank you….

  15. Mr Mambo says:

    Funny, great music, wonderfully talented group. Reminds me of the great comedy duo Bob and Ray, who sang a version of Rod Stewart’s Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? Takes you by surprise.


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