After about a minute and a half this gets soooo weird.

Found by Nom deUser.

  1. captraindan says:

    wow. wow. do they make cups/boxes for sportsmen?

  2. Mark_P says:

    duck tape can do the same but for probably cheaper

  3. Eli1477 says:

    I hear they’re trying to reinvent the wheel only in a horribly impractical way next…

  4. NoArmsJames says:

    A bra that has a 6 1/2 minute instructional video is not a bra worth owning…

  5. DanielS says:

    Nice, I could watch the alcohol cleaning session on repeat!

  6. OvenMaster says:

    Those contraptions just cannot be comfortable. Rope would have the same effect. Or like Mark_P says, duct tape.

  7. Spoonfeesh says:

    They look like individual breast binds…

    I can’t see how women would love this.

  8. Ah_Yea says:

    A better name would be:
    “The Faveo ‘If you don’t watch out you could put someone’s eye out with those things’ bra.”

  9. Stu Mulne says:

    I hate to get technical, but from this guy’s viewpoint, a bra holds the breasts in place to avoid “bouncing” and damage to “Cooper’s Ligament”, which causes really droopy breasts….

    There are also issues of appearance and fashion.

    I don’t see this thing as any of the above.

    (I’d just as soon not see it at all…. :D)

    I also have a problem with women who WANT to look like a ’56 Eldorado….

    For more fun try:


  10. JoaoPT says:

    Hmmmm I can see this taking off… maybe with the use of spikes…outside and inside… and leather…black… oooooooohhh…
    Sorry…let me just regain myself.

  11. Miguel says:

    ‘Freedom’ bra?

  12. Brock says:

    No wonder Nancy Pelosi wears the same expression every day.

  13. stork123 says:

    “The Bro” version would have velcro and an Ipod speaker

  14. Omar R. says:

    Remember ladies, boiling your bra is not a good idea…!?!.

  15. BigCarbonFoot says:

    Weird? I didn’t see anything weird.

  16. Marc Perkel says:

    Things like this make me glad I’m a guy. So much less work. What surprises me is that they don’t use velcro instead of hooks.

  17. The Warden says:

    Do they make one for droopy testicles?


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