I had to search to find this. MSNBC ripped an excellent Obama clip but this one, taken from Fox, is poorly done. If I find a better RIP I’ll replace this. As far as I can tell MSNBC only ran the Obama clip and not McCain’s. Perhaps someone can verify this.

And EXACTLY, why is this — or the Obama clip below — “breaking news?” What is wrong with our media that they would call something like this “breaking news?”

  1. J says:

    I don’t know it looks to me as if they have both. And John McCains is on top. I wonder why that is? lol John stop being such a shill


  2. PFEFFERO says:

    the MSNBC rachel madow show had both

  3. a says:

    MSNBC ran both, They McCain came in a little after he started though.

  4. Paddy-O says:

    Thanks John & J, downloading both now.

  5. J says:

    Hey I think they BOTH did a great job! They were both funny and BOTH gentlemanly Obama did get a little too serious at the end of his though which isn’t really the norm for that event.

  6. Buzz says:

    About the appropriateness of the term ‘breaking news.’

    Breaking news is fresh, brand-new, recently burst forth news that comes from the metaphorical source of ‘breaking wind.’

    Older, or what journalists appropriately term ‘merely news’ has been swirling around for a while, analogous to news, the finger of which was pulled a brief, but measurable time in the past.

    Then there’s ‘old news’ which seems to make perfect sense to most people.

    Or as Butt-head noted, “Heh heh, heheheh, heh; he said ‘analogous’.”

  7. qsabe says:

    MSNBC ran both John. They ran the second half of McCain’s live after getting approval, then ran the Obama live, then closed by running the first half of McCain again from tape. Permission had to be obtained first. Without taping and breaks for commercials as in the FOX clips.

  8. jobs says:

    I think they both should pull out of the election and take the show on the road… Ron Paul or the other guy could be president.

  9. lock_down says:

    “What is wrong with our media that they would call something like this “breaking news?””


  10. J says:

    # 9 lock_down


    It’s not just Murdoch. They all do it! It is eye candy to get peoples attention when they a flipping fast through the channels. That is why the font is ususlly bigger and they back it with red. It is to make you stop or flip back when you are flipping channels. The hope is you will hang out a while and watch the commercials when it is done.

  11. Dallas says:

    Good stuff. I really like McCain here. Too bad (or thank goodness) his campaign has been hijacked by the slimy GOP party.

    If McCain would have run as an independent and picked *any* VP with a brain he would be in much better shape today

  12. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    McCain was ok but his timing was a lot faster than Obama’s. A little bit of pacing would have been better.

  13. Eric says:

    I am going to vote for Obama, but I have to admit I liked McCain’s better. I thought Obama’s was a too cutting and mean spirited, if also funnier. I guess I am just naive though, I like a little more respect in my politics and less cutting at the other guy.

  14. J says:

    # 13 Eric

    I have to agree with you I think Obama was a little more cutting. But a lot of comedy is very very brutal. All you need to do is watch a Friars Club roast to see that.

  15. brendal says:

    Breaking news…used to mean something. HAR!

  16. simongiln says:

    John, MSNBC has the best website for their political videos of any of the major networks. You might want to check it next time.

  17. ECA says:

    Cspan has the WHOLE 51 minutes..


  18. downlowfunk says:

    My jaw dropped when McCain said they would both receive their orders from higher ups.

    The Illuminati always tell their enemies What they are doing right in the open in sort of a code or so simple you miss it completely fashion. (Their enemies being us.)

    McCain’s jokes appealed to my intellectual side, and Obama’s jokes where sort of SNL/Sitcom style jokes.

    McCain seemed like he was saying that Obama was going to be just another person in the civil rights movement but not quite a winner.

    These two Roasts where more informative than any of the debates, television, or magazine interviews. Beware the enemies are on both sides of the aisle. Local personally vetted politicians are our only hope in the USA.

  19. They both did a good job, I laughed at both 😉

    BTW, MSNBC was airing The Rachael Maddow Show when they broke into McCain’s set (he went first). After he finished his and Obama did his, they replayed McCain’s in it’s entirety.

  20. Mr. Fusion says:

    RE #14, “J”,

    a lot of comedy is very very brutal. All you need to do is watch a Friars Club roast to see that.

    Which is why I don’t care for these “Roasts”. They aren’t funny unless you are a sadist.

    Both Obama and McCain were funny and nicely self deprecating. It helped make them look more human.

  21. J says:

    # 20 Mr. Fusion

    Well they are a lot different than they used to be. Now they are really vicious. They used to be pretty light and every now and then a little racism or sexism but now it is full blown!

  22. downlowfunk says:

    Obama’s jokes where very corny. McCain’s Jokes where very Personal and intellectual. Its like they had the same writers and where on purpose aiming for different types of comedy. Very Weird…

    Manchurian Candidates are finally out of beta and into prime time.

    EEK EEK EEK EEK EKK scarey scarey reality being presented to all of us. I cannot sit idle while this happens.


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