Campaigners have slammed a nicotine-packed “fag-in-a-can” drink called Liquid Smoking. The tipple, made up of 15% nicotine, will be sold in pubs to help punters beat the smoking ban. Makers have claimed it is a “healthy” alternative to lighting up. But angry anti-smoking groups have attacked the drink and warned it could glamorise smoking and get more people hooked. Amanda Sandford, research man-ager of anti-smoking charity ASH, said: “There’s a risk that children and young people could think it’s cool. There’s a danger it could be a gateway to smoking.

“If it contains nicotine there’s bound to be the addictive potential. It could perpetuate the use of nicotine and tobacco.” Liquid Smoking, supplied by Dutch firm United Drinks and Beauty Corporation, is already a big hit in the Netherlands. Sales and marketing manager Guillaume van Grinsven said: “It is a healthy alternative to cigarettes.”

Each 275ml can contains 15% nicotine from natural sources. An African herbal extract is said to provide “a slight energising effect, followed by a euphoric sense of calm”.

Yum…sounds delightful!

  1. Paddy-O says:

    “The tipple, made up of 15% nicotine,” If it was 15% nicotine, the 1st sip would kill you. A dose of ~60 mg would be death for the average person.

  2. stopher says:

    Never would get past the FDA in the US.

  3. iamanasshole says:

    sounds dangerous

  4. killer duck says:

    #2, what makes you think the FDA needs to approve it?

    If someone brings this drink to the US market it may be the last straw that forces nicotine to be regulated. Imagine needing a prescription for cigs. Or let the free market take over and just charge for health insurance based on your health condition, instead of who you work for.

  5. JimD says:


  6. Named says:

    God, I miss smoking…

    [Yeah…me too, *sniff* – ed.]

  7. Barack McCain says:

    “Fag in a can” Tee hee hee.

  8. Paddy-O says:

    #7 It will sell well in S.F. 😉

  9. the answer says:

    Liquid smoking? what “Death Sticks” wasn’t corny enough of a name or couldn’t you get the sponsor / tie in with G. Lucas

  10. ECA says:

    Go ahead and POOR Nicotine into your stomach, insted of MOSTLY in your lungs.

    I dont know if this is REALLY going to work.
    As Nicotine is a controlled substance, as WELL as a Major poison.

    HOW BIG of a HOLE do you want in your stomach?

  11. brendal says:

    Liquid pot…now there’s an idea.

  12. amodedoma says:

    What the heck is the big deal. Nicotine as a stimulant is no more dangerous to your health than caffiene or sugar. People are jamming themselves full of stimulants all the time.

  13. Brian K says:

    I agree with #1. 15% absolutely cannot be correct.

  14. Paddy-O says:

    # 12 amodedoma said, “People are jamming themselves full of stimulants all the time.”

    Not with a lethal dose in every swallow!

  15. Improbus says:

    Just to remind everyone … nicotine was the main ingredient in the original Black Flag bug killer. Your drinking insecticide. Yummy.

  16. Freyar says:

    Just like cigarettes, I think the people that would even touch this drink would know what they are doing, despite the risks.

    Natural Selection. I’m all for it.

  17. ECA says:

    Nicotine is a BUG killer..
    It will kill you in RAW form..

  18. Digby says:

    Leave it to the “progressive” nanny state fools to take a nice little fun product and find something negative about it. Leave us alone, jerks. I smoke cigars. I shoot guns. I drink whiskey, I make fun of fags. SO WHAT? And if anyone cares to insult me in response, go ahead. I don’t give a shit about that, either. I really don’t care what you assholes think. “Fag in a Can”? Geez. Here in SF, every fag is in a can most of the time. And they all vote for Marxists like BO.

  19. Named says:


    Drink different whiskey. You’re not at all mellow. Sheesh!

  20. teliscop says:

    Digby, are you gay?

  21. Glenn E. says:

    The “nannies” aren’t about keeping gay Digby from poisoning himself. They’re about protecting all the naive citizens, who have come to believe that any commercialize product must be safe to use, or it wouldn’t be sold. Ignorant of the fact that tobacco and alcohol products were “grandfathered” in, because of the powerful lobby, financed by their well established industries. And yet these are also very controlled products. If you don’t believe it, try growing your own tobacco, or brewing your own booze, and then selling it (in the USA).

  22. greggy says:

    I call shenanigans

  23. #20 – teliscop

    Digby is gay.


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