Two members of the Blue Angels, the Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron, have been “removed” from the team due to an alleged inappropriate relationship.

The two members of the squadron — one of them an aviator — were pulled from the unit by commanding officer and flight leader Capt. Kevin Mannix on Sunday, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity since he was discussing a personnel matter. The names of the people involved were not released.

For the remainder of the season, the team will be flying five jets during its shows rather than the standard six, the official added.

According to the Blue Angels’ Web site, the team does not maintain a “spare” pilot who could fill in when another member can’t fly.

Uh, OK. For many people, sex is one of the most important activities in their life.

For some nutballs, sex is one of the most important activities in everyone else’s life.

  1. USMC 2nd Lt says:

    #66, Actually Marine Officers come from all the service academy’s. West Pointers and Air Force Academy Graduates can become Marine Officers.

    The Marine Corps is not a part of the Navy. We are part of the Department of the Navy, like #65 said. We have separate budgets and separate chains of command. No where in my chain of command is the CNO.

    We blur the lines with the Navy on things like ownership of aircraft (all USMC aircraft are owned by NAVAIR), Chaplains, Corpsmen, and doctors because it is cheaper and convenient for both services to do so.

    #66, you suggested that without the Navy the Marine Corps would disappear. The Army has tried to do make the Marine Corps disappear numerous times throughout our history. However, one you thing you failed to account for is that if the Marine Corps were to disappear the Navy would soon follow. There is no near-peer standing Navy threat out there. The only usefullness of the Navy right now is the Carrier Battle Groups in providing a strategic asset, and the brown water Navy in clearing waterways.

    This lack of a mission is what is forcing the Navy to fight even harder to justify it’s ship building plans for the future.


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