This ain’t exactly Gears of War quality graphics and action, folks, but it is simple enough for a four year old to play.

The free game, which is available for everyone to download from the internet, features an Arab-looking cartoon man who players direct along a busy street.

Points are awarded for every man, woman and child who dies when the bomber detonates the hidden grenades strapped to his body.

Members of the Bali Bombing Victims Group described Kaboom – The Suicide Bombing as “completely sick”, and senior MPs have called for it to be taken down from websites.
The game’s creator, an anonymous man from Houston, Texas, insisted his intention was to satirise rather than celebrate terrorism.

“I’m not Jewish, I’m not an Arab and I’m not a terrorist,” he wrote on his website. “I just think people who blow themselves up are stupid. That’s all this game is.”

Oh, yeah. That makes it all better.

In searching for other things on this, I ran across an Aryan nation site which had this game among others. Modern technology used to its highest potential for the betterment of all mankind!

  1. green says:

    It’s ok for millions of western children to practice blowing up “arabs” in VR land…..

    Keep brainwashing the next generation into become merciless killers and bitch and whine like hypocrites when the other side of the coin exposes us for who we really are – Blood thirsty, remorseless, killers.

  2. Mac Guy says:

    This has been around the internet since 2003.

  3. Somebody_Else says:

    Replace the people with aliens or nazis and nobody would care.

    I played games like DOOM when I was four and I didn’t turn out to be a bloodthirsty, remorseless killer. Humans just like to pretend to blow stuff up.

  4. Named says:


    Don’t forget the Vietnamese… and 3, bang on. I can’t believe how many WW2 games are out there and keep coming out year after year… And you can NEVER play the Axis side!

    Aren’t the poorest, least technologically advance the most common suicide bomber? Games aren’t doing much there…

  5. green says:

    #3 “Humans just like to pretend to blow stuff up.”

    And the search for intelligent life continues…..

  6. Paddy-O says:

    Uncle Dave said, “Oh, yeah. That makes it all better.”

    Makes what better?

  7. pfkad says:

    #5, Named: I believe Silent Hunter II set the player as commander of a German U-Boat.

  8. Deth to Amerika says:

    Anyone managed to kill more than 5 people?

    Allah Akbahr

  9. Named says:


    Wow! That brings me back a few years… And you’re correct!

  10. MotaMan says:


    “And you can NEVER play the Axis side!”

    oldschool: Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe

  11. George says:

    To be realistic, when you get killed in the game, the computer should go dark and never work again.

    Too many people think life is like a videogame. Dying for your cause is still dying. You don’t get glory. You don’t get 70 virgins. You get nothing. Lights out. Zip. Nada. Oblivion.

  12. Billy Bob says:

    I’m stuck on Level 6–does anyone know how to get past the two security guards in front of the orphanage?


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