Republicans have lost their identity. What do you think Republicans should do? Maybe they should start helping President Obama fix the mess they made?

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    #89, Geof,

    One trend is that this is the largest post election market drop in over 100 years.

    So, instead of blaming it on “The Decider”, you put the blame on the guy that has no authority to do anything. Why not look at Bush’s Sec. of Treasury Paulson, who is truly screwing up the “Bailout” package. No, because you want to blame everything on Obama and the Democrats.

    Remember, the Financial Meltdown happened on Bush’s watch. This Stock Market crash, happened on Bush’s watch. The death of the automotive parts industry around here happened on Bush’s watch. The housing “bubble” happened on Bush’s watch. All those manufacturing jobs that mainly went to China, happened on Bush’s watch. So blow it out your ass this is the Democrats and Obama’s fault.

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    Palin appeals to half the right wing base because they too have a grandchild they are raising as their own. She also appeals to the other half because they too were forced to marry by the parents because the guy didn’t pull out in time.


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