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Today’s Guests:

  • Sebastian Rupley, Co-Crank,
  • Dave Mathews, Inventor, Tech Journalist
  • Demian Entrekin, Founder, CTO, Innotas

The Topics:

  • Apple Pulling Out of Macworld–No Steve Jobs
  • Google Says it Still Believes in Net Neutrality
  • Estonia to Vote By Mobile Phone in 2011
  • Will Microsoft Buy RIM?
  • Radio Shack Offers $99 Netbooks

  1. KD Martin says:

    Strangely enough, the CG files to download (and the clickable image) all have the correct date, but the episode delivered is not the one described by the players/topics comments.


  2. GregA says:

    Apple is not pulling out of Mac World as much as they are exiting the computer software business all together. Sure they will sell Macs for as long as they are profitable, but it is no longer their core business.

    I expect snow leopard or whatever it is called, will be the last version of OS X, and from there on out Macs will just ship with Windws pre-installed. Im sure we will see the announcement that you can buy your Mac with windows pre-installed directly from Apple some time this winter.

  3. razuh says:

    Itunes audio not updated.


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