No cows were harmed in this video

I have a feeling that PETA might not approve. Couldn’t find any writeups from anyone who actually tried it with a cow, but there are a bunch via Google who have written about going to this place, so it does exist. Here’s one of them. Here’s another:

Ever feel like blowing up a cow? Well, in the Phkor Lan Club shooting range, you can. You could shoot AK47s (which Mike actually did) for US$20, or a rocket launcher for US $200. For an extra US$200, you could shoot a rocket launcher at a cow (although this was not mentioned on the menu). The fact that this kind of stuff was on offer meant that there was actually demand for this crazy stuff. I, personally, could not understand the attraction with actually firing weapons that were once used in war. To me it seemed like an insensitive thing to do after visiting such solemn reminders of the brutal power of gun wielding lunatics. Mike informs me that it is a guy thing. Whatever.

So, what did you do on your summer vacation?

  1. bobbo says:

    Only one step removed from shooting convicted prisoners. As such, where does the NRA or NAMBLA stand on this?

  2. Cursor_ says:

    Well your choices are slim in Cambodia.

    Its drugs, shooting cows with RPGs or child sex.

    That’s what happens when you use a country and then leave it to waste away after you are done.

    Kind of like Afghanistan… we see how well THAT turned out.


  3. deowll says:

    Um, considering what a cow costs I doubt you would be allowed to shoot at a live cow for less than several hundred to a thousand dollars or so unless it was dieing or past giving milk and even then the value of the meat suggests you might end up shooting at tankage or a plastic cow.

  4. Uncle Dave says:

    #3: As both items say, it costs $200

  5. bill says:

    I’ll only do it from a helicopter. Thanks anyway.

  6. madtruckman says:

    i need one of those rocket launchers for my house. better get one before obama gets in office…..

  7. SnotLikeBlasterpoop says:

    Shooting a cow is unnecessary, but shooting off live military grade weapons would be cool.

  8. MojoYugen says:

    mmmm rocket-charred ribs. Pass the BBQ sauce.

  9. JimR says:

    Another example of how flucked up the human race is.

  10. sargasso says:

    You gotta worry about a person who kills and mutilating for kicks, then posts it on the internet.

  11. hhopper says:

    Firing a rocket at a cow is just about as sick as it gets.

    We should be firing rockets at CEOs.

  12. Paddy-O says:

    #11 FTW

  13. SnotLikeBlasterpoop says:

    #11 – Very true – however if you could build a faux house, fill it with dynamite and cans of gas then fire a rocket into it, that would be awesome fun.

  14. hhopper says:

    I’ll bet you watch the Mythbusters. grin

  15. RTaylor says:

    I would be a bit worried firing off a RPG from 40 year old weapon caches.

  16. Andy says:

    Just in case anyone cares, that’s not an AK-47 in the picture. It’s a Yugoslavian SKS– which is not an automatic weapon (although it does have a spiffy grenade launcher, the sight for which is raised in the photo).

  17. brm says:

    fta: “I, personally, could not understand the attraction with actually firing weapons that were once used in war.”

    Great. Glad to know. Now, step aside for those of us who do.

  18. dazzlezak says:

    If you want to shoot military grade weapons…

    Join the military.


    Also the CEO of my employer (it’s a bank) may make a good target. And put other CEO’s in line.

    A poster of him, obiously.

  19. Maddog says:

    My Nephew was at a place similar to this may have even been this place. He said there was one more option they offered though that of for an extra 300 you could shot at a child. Of course was not there to confirm this and they did not take that option but still he had little reason to lie about it and human life there is valued very cheap so not too hard to believe but still very crazy….

  20. dmcpherson88 says:

    i’m in the military so i shoot military grade weapons all the time but i’m still going on holiday in cambodia to shoot a cow with a rocket launcer. but first im’ going to staple a picture of some hodji to it then shoot it lol hahahah i’m a twisted fuck but you know damn well it’s funny

  21. candymann says:


    • sudo says:

      You’re clearly some sort of sick and twisted psychopath then aren’t you. Sounds like you need help to address your mental problems if you think that’s cool. Viva La developed world!

  22. Bluey says:

    There used to be a restaurant in Seoul, Korea where you could shoot a pheasant with a crossbow…as it gamely stalked the wilds of its basement cage. I don’t see much difference between shooting a cow on an army reserve, and shooting deer or bear on a nature reserve.


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