Brave Italian photographer Iago Corazza travelled the country, the island at the end of the world, and took photos of its fascinating inhabitants, who still live a Stone Age existence.

“You find people here who can describe the taste of human flesh,” the photographer said of his travels.

Anthropologist Olga Ammann describes it more succinctly in the book. She quotes people who have eaten other humans: “The meat of white people smells too strongly and is too salty.”

The Japanese are meant to taste the best, according to her study – the only thing that beats it is the meat of their own women. But is cannibalism just a myth, or does it still exist on the island? It has been banned there for over 50 years – but it is reported that some tribes still eat the flesh of people who have died.

Evidence of this is the current prevalence of the Kuru illness in tribe members, which is associated with cannibalism.

  1. Special Ed says:

    Clowns taste funny.

  2. eyeofthetiger says:

    An Italian traveled to Papa New Guinea to write a twitter line? No book? No video special with saggy titts? No secret Oriental recipe? Why not white meat? Are these people of the land, original inhabitants – racist?

  3. Uns4ne says:

    Hang my carcass in cool dry place for 2 weeks. Then I’m sure I’ll be delectable. Yum.

  4. hhopper says:

    Black people taste like chocolate.

  5. Dallas says:

    Republicans likely taste sour.

  6. JimD says:

    W. C. Fields said he like children “Par-Boiled” !!!

  7. BubbaRay says:

    I’m just waiting for the FDA approval and what the definition of “too salty” might be.

    And don’t bite into that hip replacement drumstick, either!

  8. Gasbag says:

    MMMMMMMMMM Soylent Green now with extra girls!

  9. BigBoyBC says:

    Chinese taste just as good as Japanese, although your hungry again an hour later…

  10. Ah_Yea says:

    This is no joke. I knew a guy who did missionary work in South America and he had the opportunity to talk to former Cannibals.

    They were very specific that they didn’t like to eat North Americans because they could taste the preservatives.

  11. ButtChamber says:

    Thats some Bamboon Tampoon stuff right there!


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