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Found by Keith Silcox via Truth About Cars.

  1. JimR says:

    Actually the cartoon represents the age old Achilles heel of capitalism… GREED.

  2. ECA says:

    That and cornering the market with shady practices..

    Shop 1, has a GE 475E
    Shop 2, has a GE 475D
    Shop 3, has a LG 565875876Q..

    ALL made by the SAME company, and maybe the buttons are different.. they wont MATCH prices, BECAUSE the model number is different.. ONLY because they MAKE the MODEL NUMBER different for the COMPANY..

    Another concept comes with an idea..PROVEN products that WORK and dont BREAK DOWN(easily)..
    You WONT find many, anymore.

    Another concept, is that a QUALITY product, COSTS MORE?? FORGET THAT.. The QUALITY product has LESS feature MOST times, and FAILS more often, and uses 90% the same materials…A few BETTER resisters and capacitors.. but NOT much else. And that EXTRA 10% is for Lights on the front.

  3. sargasso says:

    #1. Greed is noun, not an adjective. The overt pursuit of wealth is not necessarily bad, just embarrassing.

  4. bobbo says:

    The cartoon is about the free market. The customer walked away from a bad product at a high price. Knowing the evil of encouraging this behavior in Calvin, the Mother is not stupid enough to grant a subsidy.

    3 Months ago–number of mortgages judged to be in default or near enough==250 Billion. Bailout==700 Billion plus 150 Billion in Pork. Number of people helped in foreclosure==below 100.

    Of interest, its all the high-flying international/foreign banks that are in trouble who now won’t give loans. The small local banks, S&L’s, and credit unions still supporting their communities with no bailouts, no debt swaps, and no money from the Feds.

    I CAN’T WAIT for the history on this–the federal bailout that is. How much is outright stupidity and how much is purposeful fraud. And of the purposeful fraud, how much was planed a year ago and how much was serendipity.

    Bonus==how much of the second 350Billion gets out the door without any transparency or safeguards?

  5. JimR says:

    Chrysler was “bailed out” in 1979. This recent debacle is just a repeat patch to a flawed business model… except it’s worse this time with 2 at the trough.

  6. deowll says:

    We have met the enemy and he is us.


  7. EvilPoliticians says:

    #4 & #6 – right on the money

    Calvin & Hobbes did not predict the future. Remember – history repeats itself. And the disaster at hand always looks worse than anything prior.

    What is different this time is the overwhelming expectation the Feds MUST do so much more that ever before. Do anything – just stop the pain!

    With that, the corporations and politicians will take more control and never let go. And so the Republic dies to the sound of 9/11 security and bailouts…

  8. jcj7161 says:

    Ahh Calvin and Hobbes…how I miss thee….and Bloom County the original….those were the golden age of comics before the syndicates drove them out

  9. Shubee says:

    That cartoon is a truly remarkable prophecy in the sense that it accurately predicted a significant increase in greed in all sectors, which is precisely what has created the current economic collapse.

  10. Mr. Fusion says:

    #4, bobbo,

    how much of the second 350Billion gets out the door without any transparency or safeguards?

    Somewhere between none and 0. I also expect regulations attached to those who already received money requiring they either repay the money or fulfill certain responsibilities including executive salaries, bonuses, loans made, transparency, etc.

    If Congress doesn’t ass these requirements the Republicans will sweep both houses next mid-term election.

  11. Mr. Fusion says:

    #10, eff words, repeated several times !!!

    In the last sentence the fourth word should have been ADD instead of what Cow-Paddy uses to think with.

    Sorry all, and a Merry Christmas.

  12. suckit says:

    and will hunting didn’t know w would be president, start a war based on cooked intel, bomb villages, ship out jobs or oil companies would jack up gas prices.


    sounds like predicting the future is more widespread than we thought

  13. Li says:

    Bill Watterson is truly a modern sage, and I wish that he would open his mouth and say something about our modern age, even if it’s just a rant on youtube.


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