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Must now wear new “tested for lead” clothes from Macy’s

This is the most idiotic thing ever to come down the George Bush Pike. Only Walmart, Target and other big stores selling new products can afford this legislation. No mother will be able to buy used clothing for their children or a used children’s book. Technically this mean garage sales will not legally be able to sell these items either. Also the same goes for the Salvation Army stores and Goodwill. Unbelievable. And, note, China has not been shipping clothes with lead in the fabric. It was always about lead paint. How did this legislation come about then? Let’s track it down and I suspect a corrupt politician is behind it.

This legislation also applies to hand-made one-of-a-kind knit clothing. Screw all those grannies in New England who knit mittens.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, passed by Congress in August, goes into effect February 10. Among other things, it mandates all childrens’ products, toys, clothes, books, etc. are tested for toxic lead and phthalates, chemicals used in plastic. Store owners must present a certificate proving the products were tested.

Many small business owners say they can’t afford the testing and will have no choice but to get rid of much of their inventory.

“The cost of digestive testing for lead ranges from $130 to $180 per test on a shirt I am selling for $4.95,” said Gulij.

  1. So You Think You Live In A Free Country says:

    So all this time Toys for Tots was handing the kiddies lead to play with. Those bastards. They were supposed to be protecting us. This is yet another of many failures of the Bush administration.

  2. mommyof5 says:

    What the heck??? I have 5 children and I live for thrifting….in this economy especially. So we should stop “going green” because there are a few parents who didn’t monitor their children as they should have. Ever see “Wall-E”? That’s what we’ll turn into with all the toys made from Feb.9,2009 back. Thanks government. Makes me proud to be American.

  3. Paddy-O says:

    # 17 billabong said, “Remember behind every corrupt pol. there is a businessman corrupting him.”

    I guess if you consider Unions & Enviro wacko groups to be businesses, that’s true…

  4. meetsy says:

    All the little resale shops and small toy makers and the people who make bibs, and grannies knitting sweaters should just ignore this stupid law. There are dozens of high powered law firms already lining up to challenge this law.
    I’d say..let them try and enforce it. It’s the most stupid law EVER, but the sad part is it shows just how screwed up our legislators are. This law was sped through…and signed into law, without anyone with ANY manufacturing expertise. It doesn’t have any teeth to go after the suppliers of tainted raw materials. It puts all the burden on the retailers…all the retailers smaller than Walmart, that is.
    Screw them all…buy used, don’t shop at Walmart, and thumb your nose at them. Meanwhile, give a call to Bobby Rush’s office (the moron who is credited as authoring the bill) at 202 225 4372 (no, really, it’s his DC office) and, as for you people in Chicago….don’t re-elect this dweeb.


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