On a certain level, you’ve got to admire their inventiveness. Probably future politicians and talk show hosts.

As a prank, students from local high schools have been taking advantage of the county’s Speed Camera Program in order to exact revenge on people who they believe have wronged them in the past, including other students and even teachers.

Students from Richard Montgomery High School dubbed the prank the Speed Camera “Pimping” game, according to a parent of a student enrolled at one of the high schools.

Originating from Wootton High School, the parent said, students duplicate the license plates by printing plate numbers on glossy photo paper, using fonts from certain websites that “mimic” those on Maryland license plates. They tape the duplicate plate over the existing plate on the back of their car and purposefully speed through a speed camera, the parent said. The victim then receives a citation in the mail days later.

Students are even obtaining vehicles from their friends that are similar or identical to the make and model of the car owned by the targeted victim, according to the parent.
“I hope the public at large will complain loudly enough that local Montgomery County government officials will change their policy of using these cameras for monetary gain,” the parent said. “The practice of sending speeding tickets to faceless recipients without any type of verification is unwarranted and an exploitation of our rights.”

  1. Rick Cain says:

    Lets just go straight to the source and surgically implant a GPS tracking device into all humans, which will automatically deduct from their bank account the speeding ticket.

  2. Rich says:

    “the raised vs. non-raised letter comparison would work if that were true in WA. Most of the special and personalized plates (including the one on my car) have letters just silk-screened, not embossed. Only the standard plates are still embossed.”

    You could also Photoshop something like a drop shadow or other minor distortion to simulate the appearance of embossed characters.

  3. JasonS says:

    Heh, I let a friend use my car, and the sunpass thing wasn’t working, and yes, she went thru enough times to not only rack up 6k in fines, but they suspended my license for 3 YEARS.

    And of course I wasn’t the one driving, but you know that’s the new ‘justice’ of the land. You are guilty before you can prove innocence. And luckily in Florida they don’t care about the fact you didn’t do it.

    I don’t think people ‘get’ just how screwed up this is.

    As long as you are not wearing your personal transponder (cellphone), the .gov will insist it’s you, hold you liable for the fines (even if you have air plane tickets showing you were not in the state/country) and yeah, you lose your driving “privlidge” for 3 years. And that ficticious NAU thing? Just try to get a drivers license out of USA once you’ve lost it there, you’ve lost it everywhere.

    Funny how that works.

  4. careminfo says:

    Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.


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