Gmail taken offline. Im calling it anti-cloud computing. M-labs will let you check on bandwidth throttling. Blackberry Storm sells well. Day three of IE8 promotion. Digital phone camera adds clicking sound. Should the movie aspect of the phone add a whirring sound? Cloned dog goes commercial. Acer smart phone coming. MSFT keeps H1Bs while firing citizens? IBM wants money.

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  1. sargasso says:

    M-Labs web site …

  2. Stu Mulne says:

    I had a Storm for a weekend…. Returned it…. The dumb thing was “registering” my keypresses about a quarter inch from where I was pushing. Other issues, mostly because Opera didn’t let me “click” on very small buttons. Ended up with a Samsung Omnia. MANY problems there, too, but no show-stoppers. (Documentation errors, goofy controls, and no built-in stylus. But the Storm doesn’t even work with one….)

    Decent phone, too…. The two worst nasties in the Omnia are a tendency to click the “menu” button inside Explorer while trying to scroll down, and the anti-cheek-dial function in the phone. When you connect, and put the phone to your ear, it basically goes dead as far as ANY buttons are concerned, except for the “trackpad” button. Press it, and you can activate other functions easily. Downside is the “Dial 1 for English” stuff – the phone’s already asleep, and it takes two hands to get that “1” in…. I was carrying an iPaq and a Razr 3. I don’t miss them v.s. the Omnia, but this is a fairly good example of why not to combine ’em…. There are also inconsistencies in how to do what. Like you can’t delete an e-mail while reading it. You have to back up one screen….

    Oh well….

  3. Life Is Simple says:

    I have a phone at home. It’s black like the president. It has a dial. It doesn’t have these problems. I love it. I have had it for 37 years. My mail appears without fail in a mail box. I don’t spend $150 a month on service and I don’t need to see a doctor for stress. Which will live longer, your gadget or my mailbox.

  4. GregA says:

    GMail isn’t a cloud service. It is simply hosted email. The cloud is a service where anybody can go and host their own software, and then the cloud automagically scales to the size and resources that are needed.


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