OK, this is starting to get weird.

  1. syrinx says:

    I can’t stop thinking that the lady herself has something to do with it. Is it only her that keeps finding these toys? Either Allah has chosen her or she is part of an anti-Muslim BS scheme.

    Sorry for the conspiracy theory, but I’ve been listening to No Agenda for 10 months or so.

  2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    People rush to buy if it say “Jesus is a light”.

  3. Hugh Ripper says:

    So the woman had “no idea it contained a HIDDEN message” when she bought it.

    This story is fishier than an anchovy milkshake.

  4. Deep-Thought says:

    Indeed, very curious.
    But a little exposure to different religions would probably be a good thing for many religiously abused children. *g*

  5. Grayven says:

    If this doll had said “Jesus is the way”, this would only be controversial to a few atheists.

    Saying “Islam is the light” is protected free speech, and is NOT harmful to children. What, if this story is even true, is wrong with telling children that “Islam is the light”? Unless you also have problems with telling children that “Jesus is the way”, you got nothing.


  6. Uncle Patso says:

    I think it’s saying “I smile with delight!” or maybe “I slam on the light.” No it’s “Sammy’s so slight.” No! I’ve got it! It’s an ad for deli meat: “Eat salami tonight!”

  7. Autarchicflux says:

    A perfect example of paradolia – the human tendency to infer patterns into essentially random stimuli.

    This is the same sort of error in logic that causes people to hear satanic messages in Led Zeppelin records played backwards, and to see the Virgin Mary in cheese sandwiches.

    This poor woman really needs a reality check before her paranoia starts to make her a danger to herself and others.

  8. wombat says:

    Okay kids. Let’s give you the ‘insider’ view.

    There are these things called ‘stock sounds’. When you’re making a game or a cartoon or whatever, you buy a disk of these. Some poor sound engineer is then forced to select from these crappy sounds and insert them into whatever. Look up a sound called “The Wilhelm Scream” for an example. Or watch a few Jetsons cartoons and then see how many sounds you can match with anything currently playing on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.

    This sound is a stock baby sound. It’s probably been in use decades. It doesn’t have any meaning. It’s like saying, “Do you see that pony in the clouds?” and you will. If you were told the baby was saying “Elephant’s delight” you’d think it was some Hindu reference. Except, your first impression is strongest, so you’re going to argue with me and say you hear “Islam is the Light” because that’s what you were told first. Very simple psychological stuff.

    Too paranoid to believe me? Ask Jeff Lynne of ELO what he thinks and … Don’t bring me down… “Grroosss”

  9. Thrax says:

    Heh… Five minutes on Google and I already find the a hell of a lot more information on this, stuff the stupid TV station never even bothered to look up or research.

    Sound effects for games, movies, TV shows, etc are licensed from companies who create “packages” of sounds a company can use. That is the company the TV show should have spent 5 minutes asking these questions. Not blaming Nintendo for a game they didn’t make, just put their stamp on. Even then, the ESRB reviewed the game and put their stamp on it.

    Even then, the sound is very indistinct and if told to listen for something, then you hear that phrase, else you could hear it as many things. The sound itself is not ment to be a phrase, just gibberish.

    I recommend you do some looking into things before repeating sensationalist alarmist garbage McCollough.


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