1. bobbo says:

    Google (germans surprised by end of WW1) and get 19,000 entries.

    It seems soldiers sitting in Bunkers with no contact except with their leadership get a different view of the war than we have 90 years later with the google quite handy.

  2. Improbus says:

    I guess the Israelis need a final solution to the problem of the Palestinians. I predict this tit for tat slaughter will go on until someone finally nukes Israel.

  3. Mr. Fusion says:

    #60, ‘tempt,

    Hey great idea. But since the Palestinians have a longer claim to the land, why not give a few miles of Australia’s outback to Israel? Or maybe some of Canada’s Northern Territory? Or a piece of Siberia?

    That would be such a nice gesture. So many other nations and people of the world would think that is just so nice. So generous.

    What you overlook is Jerusalem is a very special city to Muslims, as it is with Jews and Christians. The Muslims won’t be giving it up anytime soon without a fight like you’ve never seen before.


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