No party left for the white supremacists anymore. (I’m not saying Republicans are racists. I’m saying that racists tend to vote Republican.)

  1. Dallas says:

    So Republicans electing blacks now to add color?

    I’ll raise you two lesbians mayors and a Chinese governor. Your move, pukes.

  2. MikeN says:

    So how often has a white Democratic electorate nominated a black candidate?

  3. JimD says:

    Wonder if his middle name is “Tom” ???

    No matter, the Repukes remain THE PARTY OF THE RICH AND THE CORPORATIONS, and don’t care about ordinary working people !!!

    And don’t forget: We have the Repukes – Reagan, the Bushes, and even Clinton, whom Greenspan said was the “best President the Republicans ever had” for DESTROYING AMERICA THESE PAST 30 YEARS !!!

    Lady Liberty weeps !!!

  4. amodedoma says:

    Is it me, or does this guy look like captain Stubing from the love boat…

  5. Russ says:

    I’m not saying all bloggers are aholes. But some are. Your comments are meant to further your own agenda. There are racists in all parties and in all races.

  6. Hmeyers says:

    Race doesn’t matter in elections; numbers do.

    Diversity isn’t so important in a party as is actually having ideas. Without checking, I’d bet the Republican party did rather well among Hispanics in 2000 and 2004.

    The real problem will the Republican party is that it is bankrupt in the ideas department and it shows.

    Tax cuts for the wealthy? Why? Wealthy people have accountants anyway.

    Kill the estate tax? Why? So Paris Hilton rich kids have more money to blow?

    Mix religion and schools? Why? To what end? As an attack on evolution? Kids never pay attention in school anyway so what does it matter?

    More “free market”? Well, we’ve seen the “Mortgage brokers go Wild!” video and the “Stock brokers go Wild!” video and we’ve got a broken economy to prove it. A few years ago we saw the “Accountants go Wild!” video [Enron].

    I think the selection of Michael Steele — someone who I have never been impressed with — doesn’t show a “direction” but a void in the arena of ideas.

  7. Paddy-O says:

    #37 You crack me up.

    Let’s see. Dems slam Repubs over the last few years (rightly) for the deadly combo of Tax cuts + deficit spending. Now, Dems are proposing the same but on steroids.

    Get a brain Hmeyers, the Dems are also out of ideas, unless they thinkg the Repug congress of late had it right.

  8. Paddy-O says:

    Hey Perkel,

    How about this, a story that actually matters:

    Obama selects another tax evading felon for a cabinet position.

    Oh yes, Daschle “discovered”, during the confirmation process that he failed to pay over $100K in taxes!

    Change you can be screwed by. LOL!!!!

  9. QB says:

    So setting aside the right’s hysterical ranting for a moment (I’m sure it’ll be back), what must Michael Steele and the Republicans do to avoid becoming the party of the white south? They aren’t doing themselves any favors on the legislative side right now.

  10. Mr. Fusion says:

    #40, QB,

    Good question.

    First, I do believe Steele won the post because he was the best man in the running. It was here that pragmatism won over blanket bigotry. His victory does not remove the bigoted elements from the party as much as triumphs those with more important things on their minds.

    If the Republicans are to succeed they must shake off the fringe groups; the neo-cons, libertarians, and racists. They must divorce themselves from idiots like “Joe the Plumber”. They must find national candidates that are more intelligent than Sarah Palin or honest that George Bush.

    They must find leaders that have more morals and fewer wives than Henry Hyde or Newt Gingrich. They must stop condemning homosexuality then turning around and be found out. They have to turn away from looking to churches for ideas. They must realize that ordinary Americans don’t want Terry Schiavo type interference in our lives.

    They have to separate themselves from policies that benefit only a select few at the expense of the masses. I’m talking about one sided laws favoring credit card issuers, banks, bankruptcies, giant agri-business, and the like.

    They need to reintegrate themselves into small town America with policies that will help Main Street. Policies that will bring all those manufacturing jobs back from China. Jobs that pay more than Micky D or WalMart.

    They have to get back to seeing the things hurting American families. They can’t continue to support the big drug companies, hospital owners, health insurance, oil, coal, and power companies when they are hurting individual Americans.

    And they have to stop giving huge contracts to their military friends while depriving the troops. They have to stop treating ordinary Americans as potential terrorists while ignoring where the real threats are.

    These are just a few ideas. Give me more time and I could come up with a few more. I think though you get the general idea.

  11. Hmeyers says:

    @ Paddy-O

    “You crack me up.

    Let’s see. Dems slam Repubs over the last few years (rightly) for the deadly combo of Tax cuts + deficit spending. Now, Dems are proposing the same but on steroids.”

    I’ve never been against deficit spending, there is a $40 trillion in off the books social security debt so the idea of a balanced budget is a pipe dream.

    But there is a role for a more economically protectionist government (outsourcing, etc.) that invests more in infrastructure and seeks to reform the system a little in favor of the working class (health care, financial oversight) with an eye on some of the issues that matter today (technology).

    Dollars are imaginary; jobs are real.

  12. Paddy-O says:

    # 42 Hmeyers said, “But there is a role for a more economically protectionist government (outsourcing, etc.) that invests more in infrastructure… Dollars are imaginary; jobs are real.”

    If you read the bill there is precious little (as %) infrastructure items in the bill. Most of it has nothing to do with job creation either. Without counting the interest on the ~$80 billion, each job (temp jobs) cost ~$275k.

    However, your blind defense of this horrible waste of $ is commendable.

    As far as $ being imaginary, well, tell that to the IRS when you owe taxes… Or, try to buy something without them…

  13. QB says:

    Steele on his top priority to win NY 20th congressional seat that was held by Kristen Gillibrand:

    “That win will send a powerful signal to the rest of the country and especially those folks in the elite media who think they know so much more than the rest of us,” he said.

    Well one thing is for sure, he is a Republican. And another thing for sure, he’s already picking stupid battles.

  14. matter5 says:

    The republicans must stop allowing the very wealthy to feel so comfortable; they do not enough votes to win an election, neither do they connect with the masses who has the votes. Politics is all about winning state power. You cannot be a viable party without having state power.

  15. Mr. Fusion says:

    #42, Meyers,

    Dollars are imaginary; jobs are real.

    I agree totally with the concept.

    The only problem I see though is this concept is way over Cow-Paddy’s comprehension.

  16. Mr. Fusion says:

    #44, QB,

    Good point. In Steele’s favor though, he has to be optimistic and he has to start somewhere. That district is very conservative too.

  17. john walsh says:



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