This is a call between a customer and Verizon. It’s incredible.

found by Rick Salsman

  1. grantmasterflash says:

    This happened quite a long time ago but it’s nice to see that it made it here. The original conversation was much longer but ultimately ended up with the same thing. The lady agreed that one dollar was NOT the same as one cent. She agreed that half a dollar was NOT the same thing as half a cent but she thought that .002 dollars WAS the same as .002 cents. He got his money back and then called back later to ask what the rate was and they hadn’t changed anything, they were still quoting .002 cents per kb.

  2. The0ne says:

    This is probably why the guy in the commercials just trys to look smart and doesn’t/can’t say anything? Maybe if one word is utter everyone will know O.o Imagine the horror!

  3. X-Fan says:

    I’m sorry but.. woow, it’s just… too funny. They are so stupid.

    Nice video 🙂

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