The White House is electing a White House Farmer to advise the White House what to grow and eat. The most amazing farmer of this sort is up in Washington State and I can assure you his customers eat healthy. Getting this fellow into this position will be objected to by the likes of Monsanto and other big Ag. He’s currently in second place and we need 7000 votes by midnight to put him over the top. Please go here and VOTE for Nash Huber.

Huber’s Link for info:
White House Farmer » Blog Archive » Nash Huber

  1. FRAGaLOT says:

    good lord there’s like 200 names on this list to vote for.. who the hell is going to spend any time researching any of these people? Who really gives a rats ass?

  2. MikeN says:

    How about we have no one in the federal government telling people what to eat?

  3. QB says:

    I find it ironic that a Canadian can vote.

  4. Sam says:

    wouldn’t a federal dietitian be more appropriate to tell us what to eat? i’m not sure how much a farmer would necessarily know about nutrition, given that they don’t have training in that.

  5. pfkad says:

    I vote for Ronald McDonald.

  6. Joemo says:

    Nanny-state stuff like this make me sick. This isn’t supposed to be the role of government.

  7. Rainshadow says:

    This isn’t an attempt to TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO EAT! I think it’s wonderful that there is enough interest at the top level of government to do something like this to make everyone aware of organic farming and sustainable agriculture in a local area. It’s ‘green’ in so many ways. What an example for us all! Vote for NASH HUBER!

  8. Selvy says:

    More useless symbolism, style over substance. Nice job. What next, a royal beekeeper post to fill?

  9. Jason N. says:

    let’s not make this obviously symbolic position into a great political issue.

    if someone cares enough about mr. huber’s work to recommend him, i can spend (and have spent) the 30 seconds it takes to vote for him.

  10. Milton Patrie says:

    My recommendation is to place Nash Huber in this important position. His experienceand personality commend him without question. Not only the Olympic Peninsula, but Washington State, and the United States will benefit.

  11. Mr. Fusion says:

    #8, Selvy

    Did you have someone in mind?

  12. Naomi Holloway says:

    I’m trying to vote for Nash Huber and your site won’t let me so I hope you’ll count this message as my vote.

  13. Alf says:

    “Nanny state” is a buzzword which is supposed to conjer up some ominous fear like “war on terror” and “death tax” so we the sheeples can be manipulated to vote against our best interest. The Mansantos of the world will continue to play us with no labeling of the their modified food stuffs.

    If Tom Vilsack, Secy of Ag, has his way agribusiness will screw up more of the United States. That is what he did when he was the governor of Iowa. More Ag lobiests will be in control of our food supplies.

    If this Nash guy is any good it would be worth it to have his input even though it might be a token gesture.

    Alf from Iowa.

  14. Jim says:

    Um, wtf are you guys talking about? This isn’t a position or anything else. A group of farmers are trying to make it a position in the white house… for some reason.

    Well perhaps we need a Baker position too. Those small town bakers need a voice. And the Fisherman.

    I love single-issue interest groups. Do they ever disband after their issue is done?

  15. FRAGaLOT says:

    considering what total fat-fucks Americans are, we NEED to be told what to eat, and not to eat!!

  16. meetsy says:

    Who’s familiar with Margaret Mead? Any clue? She outlined the steps to get a stone axe culture to adopt a steel axe. How? First you get the leaders to lead. Then you get the important people to adopt it. Then the common tribe members will follow.
    The idea of introducing an organic farm on the lush and ample lawns of the White House is a good idea. Why NOT? There is no reason that our vegetables should come from South America, some totally devoid of life, over pesticided/fertilized patch of soil in our “breadbelt”. There is no reason that fruit and vegetables should need billions of gallons of petro-fuels to get to your table.
    The farmers markets are a good idea. The concept of anti-factory farming is better for all of us.
    So, yeah, a “symbolic” vegetable patch instead of a White House lawn is a great idea. maybe it will wake some of you up and maybe it will get you researching and thinking about what you shove in that mouth of yours.
    I’m all for it.
    As for ‘single interest group’…it should include all of us. The factory farming model is outdated, and doing untold damage. The junk food that the big AG and factory processed food is getting unstable (think peanut butter, pet food, milk from China, etc.) and, look at us!! We’re FAT, lazy, stupid — as a nation. Why?
    you are what you eat……

  17. LaughingAtTheMorons says:

    #19, Pedro, you moron, one pokes his eyes out, not off. Get some education before attempting the next brilliant post, preferably in English this time.


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