1. chris says:


    # 27 chris said, “Questions like taxation, which require normative judgements are ultimately social constructs. They have to be worked out within our society.”

    Marriage fits into this also…

    Ummm… yes.

    But the sooner that people realize this the better off we will be.

    But we are facing several thousand years of societies indoctrinating its citizens to believe that the social constructs of a group of desert nomads 2500 years ago are really the dictates of a nasty bit of work we call god.

  2. Paddy-O says:

    # 31 chris said, “Ummm… yes.”

    Which means it will be legislated in the favor of the majority, not the minority…

  3. Micromike says:

    I don’t see any purpose in posting this kind of shit. It has nothing to do with reality and is pure propaganda from the moment of conception. How does this help anything?

    Marriage has been a joke in America for more than 50 years with more than half our marriages ending in divorce. Yet the some think there is some kind of “sanctity” to protect. What a joke that is.

    We are a nation of hypocrites and too many conservative lines of thought seem like nothing more then cruel and mean thinking to me.

    Diversity and dissent are what makes America great and that seems to scare the shit out of the ignorant and hateful Republicans.

  4. Shubee says:

    That was hilarious because it’s hard to believe that it is authentic historical video that was actually once thought to be serious commentary.

  5. QB says:

    For those of you who haven’t figured the source of the video, go to 23/6

  6. FRAGaLOT says:

    All during Prop. 8 campaign in California, they have constantly used the term “traditional marriage” to describe heterosexual marriage, and not any other kind.

    It seems logical to me for “Marriage” to describe any form of union between two human adults (be it gay or straight). While “traditional marriage” should be used to refer to heterosexual ONLY marriages.

    Churches can choose which to adopt; problem solved. Now people please get over your stupid homophobic tendencies and deal with real issues that are more important.

    #23 You make valid points, but it’s not the fault of just Republicans. Don’t lump all republicans as hateful and ignorant please. Not all conservative bible thumpers are republicans.

  7. Mister Mustard says:

    #32 – Paddy-RAMBO

    >>Which means it will be legislated in the favor of
    >>the majority, not the minority…

    You mean like with those pesky Nigras and their bellyaching about slavery? Wanting to ride in the front of the bus? Go to the same schools? Drink from the same WATER FOUNTAIN as white folk? Wtf???

  8. Paddy-O says:

    # 37 Mister Mustard said, “You mean like with those pesky Nigras”

    No, I mean like ANY majority that gains power and then wields it without regard to the minority.

  9. Angel H. Wong says:

    In the end it’s all about machismo. Period.

  10. Mister Mustard says:

    #39 – Paddy-RAMBO

    >>No, I mean like ANY majority that gains power and
    >>then wields it without regard to the minority.

    Uh, that’s the Repuglican way of doing business, Paddy-RAMBO, but it’s very un-American.

  11. Mr. Fusion says:

    #16, Les,

    They are not against incest marriages, where do you think they come from!

    Hhmmm, so your parents raised a lot of liberals?

  12. Nimby says:

    Most of our ideas of marriage are religiously imposed or inspired. God created marriage as a holy bond between a man and a woman. Pooh.

    Marriage in our society has devolved to a temporary union with the average marriage lasting something like seven years. It’s time to allow evolution to come out into the open and allow marriage contracts of a limited duration, serial marriages, polygamous marriages and, yes, even “gay” marriages. Why should homosexuals be spared the agony of marriage?

    No, I am against abusive uses of marriage and I think most polygamous “cults” in the US are abusive. But they are mostly religion-based and that leads me back to my personal thesis: religion is abusive.

    One more thing: Can we start a movement to free the word gay from sexual connotations? How did gay come to mean homosexual, anyway? And more specifically, MALE homosexual. Are female homosexuals incapable of gaiety? And why are the Flintstones happily married if the theme song says they’re having “a gay old time?” Explain that to your kids…

  13. Mr. Fusion says:

    #36, frag,

    #23 You make valid points, but it’s not the fault of just Republicans. Don’t lump all republicans as hateful and ignorant please. Not all conservative bible thumpers are republicans.

    They aren’t all hateful?

    Ya, right. You’re just having some fun, right? Some are Nazis too?

  14. zeph says:

    Score 25 out of 10 for Uncle Dave making a mountain out of an anthill. Controversy! Readers! Woohoo!

  15. Special Ed says:

    Personally, I’d like to marry a couple of lesbians! The ultimate in polig, er, pigmy, uh, marriage with multiple partners.

  16. QB says:

    zeph, nothing gets Americans riled up faster than the thought of someone enjoying their sex life.

  17. Karl Smith says:

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  18. Mr. Fusion says:

    #48, Karl,

    Hey !!! There’s no nekkid women at your mag.

  19. RBG says:

    Good, but not as good as last week’s hilarious Why Conservative’s Are Against Aborting Unborn Children.



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