This is not the first time that some controversy has surfaced in regards to the Chinese Space Program. Now this video appears. Judge for yourself.

  1. hhopper says:

    The bubbles and reflected lights look pretty convincing.

  2. Hugh Ripper says:

    The problem I have with this is that the Chinese are not stupid. If they were to fake the whole thing, surely they would edit the video to remove ‘impurities’, just like any 11 year old with cracked software could do. That they would be this careless just doesn’t wash.

  3. RSweeney says:

    probably a real space flight, but virtually certainly a fake video of a space walk

  4. The0ne says:

    #34 you mean not stupid like what they did with the kid who sung at the Olympics and how they treated the real one?

    Or all the savings they could get by not following rules, policies and regulations for products?

    or…but then again, they’re not the only one..just the more visual one on the news 🙂

  5. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    The “bubble” looked to gain speed, i.e. accelerate. A piece of debris in space cannot accelerate. Something would have to be acting on it to cause acceleration. Now, it may be possible for the editor to have sped up the tape to make it appear to accelerate.

    My opinion is they did launch a manned mission, they may have even done a spacewalk, but the recording of the underwater practice sessions just looked so much superior that some mid-level necktie put it up instead.

    To dredge up an old conspiracy, Yuri Gagarin may not have been the first human in space. He was the first to go up and survive re-entry, no doubt. But there were hints of an earlier Soviet flight where the cosmonaut did not survive. And a live hero was a much greater propaganda tool than a dead one.

  6. cwitzel says:

    My guess is they did a real space walk, but recorded the video for release beforehand.
    After the Olympics, this would just seem normal for them. (and not a big issue that it was staged.)
    I’m a moron and I can make a spacesuit. This stuff just isn’t that hard. If you can put people in space you can put them outside.
    In other words, absolutely the Chinese had a successful launch, successful space walk and successful retrieval, but the press photos and video may not have been real. Maybe they have learned from US that controlling impressions is VERY important.
    I don’t think the Chinese people care that much, and frankly, I don’t think you should give a s*** either. It happened and in their controlled society, they spun the spin.
    Be thankful you live where you do!

  7. Rick Cain says:

    Come on, outer space isn’t a big deal anymore.

    What worries me is why so much chinese debris is falling off their spacecraft. Is it made out of rice paper?

  8. ECA says:

    The film seems to be Sped up..
    to bad there isnt a TIME STAMP on the film..

  9. Buzz says:

    Underwater? Bwaaa haa haa ha!

    Most certainly not.

    The “bubble” is a particle of something that heads in a dead-straight vector from below the helmet at an angle TOWARD the camera. As it gets closer, it cuts a greater angle of view relative to the camera per frame, just like a car passing you at a constant speed does to a lock-down camera.

    Other “bubbles” move at non-vertical angles. What did the Chinese do, tip the whole underwater set so the unwanted “bubbles” would move away at different angles? How could they possibly have solved this problem before it was ever pointed to AS a problem?

    Most space walks have numerous small particles and bits of stuff wandering out into space. Especially early ones. And this WAS China’s first. Maybe they will clean the capsule better next time.

    The “lights” where empty space should be? Look at the angle of the mirror when the lights are seen. It’s reflecting something down below the astronaut’s arm. Like… dare I guess… lights INSIDE the craft? You know, where the sun don’t shine all the time. As in “indoor lighting.”

    Then there is the flag thing. This is NOWHERE NEAR what a flag would look like in liquid. It is just like what a piece of fabric will do without any exterior influence other than its own slight springiness in a vacuum. There were similar confusions about the look of the flag our guys planted on the Moon. Of course, there are those who insist that was fake, too, but Myth Busters showed how the moon shots were not faked, even with the tools of 40+ years of better special effects techniques were brought in.

    Then there is the locked-down shot Earth-in-the-background item. Well, what did you expect? The camera is locked down. The craft is locked in relationship to the earth. There are very good reasons to do this for the comfort and orientation of the astronauts. NASA does it, too. The clouds are moving exactly as one would expect from a low-earth orbit. You see the same thing all the time on Shuttle views.

    This so-called revelation is from a non-thinker. Every astronaut who has ever done a space walk is looking at their footage and saying, “looks okay to me,” but the moran who made this little movie never had the ability to understand what he saw.

  10. Definitely a fake space walk. I watched the entire 19 minutes frame by frame with my CS3 film editor and found lots of bubbles and lots of digitally edited sections where bubbles were removed. The big giveaway is the buoyancy of the tether lines and the way the flag moves. Besides that it’s easy to fake something like this in a NBL, just remove the extra blue tinge, and presto!

    Did you also see this newer video?

    As for the “lamps” – if you watch all 19 minutes of the “walk” you see several reverse angle shots which show the 2 cameras used and no lighting. The “lamps” are from way overhead as in a typical NBL lighting setup.

  11. Mahhn says:

    Governments don’t lie, ever. (sarcasm intended)


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