First I saw a demo of this on a website where the MSFT guy was trying to explain it and all I was seeing was a lot of fingering the display and nothing really happening. Now this appears to be the official promotion. Horrid and lame.

  1. Mark says:

    #19: My Palm Treo 600 had a touch screen some years before the iPhone was a speck in Steve Jobs’s eye.

    It might be hard for some folks to accept, but Apple didn’t actually create the concept–or implementation–of the modern smartphone. They make things prettier, I’ll give ’em that much, but they don’t make things _better_. The list of things that the iPhone _can’t_ do is just about as long as the list of what it _can_ do.

    #15: I’m hopeful that the Palm Pre will be everything it seems to be. And if it is, then I’m really looking forward to the side-by-side comparisons. I’m also looking forward to Apple producing a device that competes, meaning one with a removable battery, a camera that aspires to average, a physical keyboard, a processor powerful enough for multitasking, cut/copy/paste, etc., etc.

    Of course, that means the iPhone will adopt all those features that Steve Jobs and the Apple clique says are unnecessary today, simply because the iPhone can’t handle them.

  2. Ken says:

    It looks like the phone and hand were separate elements put together, and the scale is off.

    It looks like a Monty Python animation gone wrong.

  3. Bob West says:

    If it’s sold unlocked for around $150 I’d buy it.

  4. GregA says:


    I entirely disagree. It looks like they filmed the actual phone, as opposed to the phone experience simulations that Apple and Rim show…

    Apparently there is some trade show going on… (per Engadget) and this is the OS of choice for the low end free with service type handsets that will all be touch screen phones next year.

    People are wary of Android because no one knows if google is in it for the long haul… (From Techcrunch) Palm, Rim and Apple are not willing to sell their OS to third parties.

    So once again, as sad as it is… Microsoft wins the handset war by default, because no one else is in the game…

    You can fault microsoft all you want, but when the entire rest of the industry lets them win over and over again…

  5. ArtSpot says:

    The resistive screen will never be good. Microsoft’s API is flawed. Look at how the actor (finger) has to “work” to make the phone respond. Until Microsoft & the OEMs fix the interface layer, they will never get much respect.

  6. Brian says:

    And John’s incoherent ramblings against anything microsoft continue.

    John, do us all a favor and let the hate go. We GET it…you love apple products. You haven’t even used mobile 6.5 and you’re already bashing it, just like you did with Windows 7, which has been universally praised by even the most ardent pro-apple blogs like Gizmodo.

    Good lord.

  7. The0ne says:

    Big gripe on WM OS is it’s sluggish feel. I believe the OS isn’t really optimize. Everything I do on the phone is sluggish and it becomes very annoying. It reminds me of Windows OS of PCs. You need a quad core 4 billion giga hz to run the thing. Every iteration is more bloated, less optimized and requires more speed to run it properly….why?

    As with #12, I’m hoping the Palm pre to change this and hope that the OMAP4 chipset would make it even better in later iterations.

  8. totalmarketing says:

    So bad. So painful to watch; desperate, unhip and absurdly white

    Who approved this product and who approved this horrible video?

    (This is definitely a testament to what poor consumers will accept)

  9. Special Ed says:

    Pedro will buy one!

  10. Who says:

    This will come in steaming brown.

  11. brandscill says:

    Jesus Christ that was piss poor.

    The hand even using it looked awkward, coming in every so often covering up the screen, could they not learn anything from apple? I hate it when they get a hand involved, whole person or nothing. I much prefer the palm pre adverts with just the phone nice bright background, something to focus on and realise what a great product they have.

    Poor Microsoft, you may have taken back a bit of ground in the gaming industry with the 360, but maybe you should cut your losses and get out of the mobile and music industry?

  12. Sister Mary Hand Grenade says:

    The design was actually intended to use something smaller than a finger, like Steve Baldmer’s penis.

  13. Mark T. says:

    MyLife, MyPhone? What next? MyTunes?

    What a blatant ripoff.

    MyPhone! From the people that brought you MyCoffeeTable (formerly known as Microsoft Surface).

  14. smh says:

    Why is the guy in the demo swiping his hand so wildly?


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