I’m shocked! Shocked, I say. You mean the random ad I just clicked on there that had pictures of two women doing I’m not sure what with each other and said, “if you horny and want to test your fantasy limits, and paying a fee is not an issue. we waiting in my room all alone and wet…” is about… Oh, my!

And the one with the title, “in search of morning wood” isn’t from a girl who needs her fireplace stoked? Golly, who could have guessed?

The owners of craigslist had a federal lawsuit filed against them on Thursday by an Illinois sheriff accusing the popular national classified-ad Web site of knowingly promoting prostitution.

“Craigslist is the single largest source of prostitution in the nation,” Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart said. “Missing children, runaways, abused women and women trafficked in from foreign countries are routinely forced to have sex with strangers because they’re being pimped on craigslist.”

According to Dart, the FBI has discovered over 2,800 child prostitution ads on craigslist, with Chicago, Illinois, ranking in the top 10 cities as far as juvenile prostitution. Dart also mentioned cases of child neglect, which have occurred while parents were taking part in activities solicited on the Web site.

One e-mailed statement from craigslist read that, “Craigslist is an extremely unwise choice for those intent on committing crimes, since criminals inevitably leave an electronic trail to themselves that law enforcement officers will follow.” The statement also said that craigslist had not seen Dart’s complaint.

  1. bobbo says:

    Its not true. Just posers and fakes.

    I responded to an ad that said: “For just $100 I’ll do anything you want–all night long.”

    So I went to the “incall” location and paid my 100 bucks. Sure, the lady was dressed appropriately in some one use throw away smock, but when I said lets go to my house and put another coat of paint on the interior walls, if we hurry we can be finished before sunrise and go to breakfast,===she backed out.

    Flagrant false advertising. Craigslist should be closed down on that performance alone.

  2. Dallas says:

    Time for a global war on on-line advertisers.

  3. Mr. Fusion says:

    #1, Bobbo,

    Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

  4. Mr. Fusion says:

    Ok, so if the Sheriff is aware that Chicago prostitutes are using Craigslist, why isn’t he arresting the prostitutes who advertised instead? Damn, if they are right out in the open then go after them.

  5. FreeSexIsAnOxymoran says:

    You can get sex for free if you go after fat chicks.

  6. Rich says:

    The close-up of the toungue with all the little protrusions is doing nothing for me. Thank you.

  7. Uncle Dave says:

    #1: $100 for all night? Illegal, day labor Mexicans waiting at the intersections would want more than $100 for painting all night, much less a lady who really knows how to dip a brush.

  8. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    “According to Dart, the FBI has discovered over 2,800 child prostitution ads on craigslist, with Chicago, Illinois, ranking in the top 10 cities as far as juvenile prostitution.”

    OK, so where are all the child prostitution ring arrests? If they are openly advertising and a court order will quickly allow law enforcement to find the people who post the ads, this would quickly lead to a lot of arrests and a ton of publicity. Anybody see news reports of these arrests?

    In my opinion, 99% of these ads on craigslist are either totally bogus ripoffs or honey traps by law enforcement or do-gooder organizations. Throwing up the child prostitution card is a total red herring meant to further marginalize and shame craigslist into bowing to the lawsuit.

  9. QB says:

    Maybe they should go after the Yellow Pages as well?

  10. Uncle Dave says:

    #10: Here in Vegas, where prostitution is illegal, there are over 100 pages in the Yellow Pages for escort services and the like.

  11. Somebody says:

    Who benefits?

    The MSM can’t charge usurious rates for classified ads if Craigslist is giving it away for free. So, now that the party of aging hippies is in power, they’ll probably throw a bone to their butt-boys in the press by shutting it down. Hence the reference to the (gasp) child prostitution. Never mind that craigslist is providing a service to the community and that prositution (like free love, man) should be legal.

    Once again, they’re not leading. They’re feeding.

  12. 888 says:

    Prostitution was around and will be here long after morons like Dart retire, die, and go to heaven – regardless of craigslist ads.

    FBI can’t catch shit, much less any real criminials (too hard work, man!).

  13. Sonny says:

    Chicago is in the top ten cities? Gee, and here I thought they were the third most populous city in America.

  14. QB says:

    Uncle Dave, here in Calgary where it is not legal there are dozens of pages of “escorts”.

  15. deowll says:

    Um, The point has already been made. If the ads are there all you have to do is get a warrent and take them out. Since not all that many arrests are being made I have to think.

    Lier, Lier pants on fire.

  16. Ron Larson says:

    Hmmm… in Australia, prostitution is not illegal. Notice I didn’t say it was legal. It is just not illegal. There are brothels operating openly in most cities. But advertising a brothel is illegal. Such a strange combo.

    Also, in most of Australia, except the capital ACT, hard core porn is illegal too. I find it amusing that I can go down to the semi-legal brothel, but I can’t read a Penthouse there.

  17. Nimby says:

    #8 – Uncle Dave: It’s a tough economy, Unc. Besides, at my age, an all-night hooker would likely get a good night’s sleep… if it doesn’t wake her when I get up to pee.

  18. Lou says:

    More BS from the PD.

  19. Deep-Thought says:

    Prostitutes on craigslist is so last century.
    In Germany we have a web portal for the sole purpose of auctioning prostitutes.

    Funny thing is, the prices are enormous. A standard service in a standard brothel costs from 50-150 €.
    Prices on gesext.de go up to several hundred euros for a ‘product’ I can’t really see before.

    I guess that’s the ebay effect. So many think they make a good deal but in reality buy pay more then usual marked prices.

  20. Thinking Canadian says:

    #15, better go back to your law books. Prostitution is indeed legal in all of Canada, Public solicitation however is not. What you do in private (including arrangements over the phone) is protected by law for both parties involved.

  21. Angel H. Wong says:

    Talking about Craiglist…


    Is it just me or Kerry Martin is in that picture?

  22. QB says:

    Thinking Canadian, how right you are. I owe you a beer. A real beer. And we know where that’s made. 😉

  23. ronsxclub says:

    There’s a site called craigs pimp that pays you to post fake ads to send folks to webcam sites


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