1. ECA says:

    wasnt this already posted?

  2. smartalix says:

    Man is the greatest machine of all.

  3. bobbo says:

    #2–Alfie==”If?”——–wtf???? “If”===HAW!!!!!!

    Consistent with your religious and economic views though. Blinded by colored lights.


  4. Mac Guy says:

    I’ll pick the last one (car dive).

    All the others were fancy tricks, but none of them risked their own necks.

  5. morram says:

    We are talking about the “teacher kissing student” video right?

  6. mentor972 says:

    I’m pretty sure this was posted a few months ago.

  7. Sinn Fein says:

    Ringing the bell and Bulger were pretty good…the SUV dive wasn’t quite worth the risk to show off. “Ummm, how did I get a concussion and a fractured clavical, coach? Well, I was showing off some and, well, the wind blew…and, uhhhh, somebody rolled up a window on the other side of the SUV I was trying to fly through.”

  8. jbenson2 says:

    Rather basic magic tricks used here.

    For instance the camera moves away from the guy catching the football through the drywall for a couple seconds. He grabbed a ball off camera and then pushed it through the wall to make it look like he caught it.

    Stop-photography tricks were used in other clips.

  9. Steve says:

    Why’d they all call me a Pygmy ?

  10. daveg says:

    I don’t believe the bell rings.

    That is too just far and too accurate.

    The plaster wall catch is also suspect.

  11. Buzz says:

    No special effects were harmed in the making of these videos.

  12. Nimby says:

    So, Alfie: you think someone other than God created special effects artists?

  13. jccalhoun says:

    I am shocked that anyone watching this would think even for a second that any of these are real.

    If it is a random video online that shows something “amazing,” it is almost certainly fake. I find it amazing that people haven’t figured that out by now.

    …Of course these comments could also be fake and so I fell for it!

  14. kevinlieb says:

    Fake or not, this was funny and amusing!

  15. George says:

    Like Seinfeld said of magic, “Here’s a quarter, it’s gone, you’re an idiot, it’s back, you’re a jerk.”

    I guess all the beer-soaked, testosterone-fueled NFL jock sniffers like this sort of thing. I think its insulting.

    How many football players does it take to catch a fish?

    One, but you need three of ’em for bait.

  16. FRAGaLOT says:

    only the last one, the car diver, seemed realistic, and somewhat possible to happen.

  17. hhopper says:

    You can’t believe any video you see on the net… that said, it was very entertaining.


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