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This has a lot to do with the fact that Obama is not helping with his “we’re all doomed” and “things are going to get WORSE!” speeches rather than uplifting the public with a positive message. The public needs and expects a President who will lie to us to make us feel better. Or do we actually believe the honesty baloney? If so then we are doomed. The situation Roosevelt walked into was much worse than this. But he was uplifting, not depressing.

Found by John Ligums.

  1. brm says:




  2. MikeN says:

    Mostly just random variations, with only Roosevelt and Nixon having any meaning, and maybe Obama.

  3. notbothered says:

    we don’t need another stinkin lyin president.
    this dude is doin good.
    wall street whiners can suck it.
    someone shud beat the cr*p out of madoff & stanford & thain & cramer.

  4. ya right says:

    some how I think it would be just as bad if Clinton, McCain, Romney, Ron Paul or any the rest of them had won. if Giuliani or Edwards had won the satirist would have had an easer time but the Market would still be tanking.

  5. Hugh Ripper says:

    If you cant believe that Obama is honest (I’m not saying that he is honest – he IS a Democrat after all), why would anyone believe him if he came out with ‘positive and uplifting’ rhetoric? Are you saying the whole market runs on bullshit? Are investors that gullible?

    Wait a sec…I think I answered my own question 🙂

  6. Billy Bob says:

    I find it odd that the cynical Dvorak is calling for more hype from Obama. Too much honesty? Wha?

  7. This is news to you ?

  8. Carcarius says:

    Dvorak Dvorak Dvorak
    I just wanted to see if I could induce orange highlighting…

    Where’s the Chuck Norris story? He seems to think that Texas will secede from the union. They could too, TX is self-sufficient. California will try to stick close to Colorado though, for the water.

  9. MikeN says:

    Maybe it’s because Obama issued a signing statement.

  10. SN says:

    So let me get this straight, John, you’re at stage eight?

    Click the image to see the 10 other GOP Strategies for Success John is missing.

  11. amodedoma says:

    Yeah, I’d say he’s dropping the ball. Drastic situations seem to want drastic solutions, but I guess that could be a bad thing too. Capitalism is a confidence game and until something is done to rebuild that confidence, things will go from bad to worse. The system’s taken so much criminal abuse that the perception is that it just doesn’t work. All that bailout money, those extended social welfare programs, and little or no proactive measures.

  12. The0ne says:

    Yea, I like to hear some BS from the president too. It’ll make me feel much better afterwards. Everything’s just fine, just fine.

  13. 888 says:



    that’s exactly the point! So much damage in mere 50 days, he really is good 🙂

  14. Todd Peterson says:

    “Obama is not helping with his “we’re all doomed” and “things are going to get WORSE!” speeches ” – nooo, it is much better to lie, like Bush did ….

  15. Troublemaker says:

    Yeah, it’s not like this problem has been decades in the making.

    Once again you show you immense stupidity.

    Stick to topics you’re knowledgeable about… like masturbation.

  16. agile says:

    ha! I can’t think of anyone more depressing than JCD.

  17. 50 days to make a new plan stan says:

 that’s exactly the point! So much damage in mere 50 days, he really is good

    No, the point is that he inherited this mess and like a big ship it’s going to take some time to turn or even slow down. It will turn on its own, tax cuts for the rich will not change the speed turn and the stimulus projects will not help turn it any faster but it will employ people and build some needed stuff better then spending hundreds of billions in Iraq . Chicken little naysays might slow the turn but not much.
    The Markets life will go on its bigger than Obama its even bigger than Limbaugh’s ego.
    Best thing our Government can do to help is put in some sensible checks on the rampant greed that made this mess. The trick will be to not cripple the market whit these regulations.

  18. RTaylor says:

    I don’t know if Americans today would respond well to fireside chats. It was patronizing then, and would be today. I would love the see the President more visible on TV with positive news. But frankly there hasn’t been any. Things will get worse before they get better, maybe much worse. I take his comments as forewarned is forearmed. Circle the wagons and don’t do anything stupid to make matters worse on yourself.

  19. Troublemaker says:

    This chart is quite misleading because it only shows the first few months of these Presidencies.

    Obama shows a 16% drop in the first 2 months.

    However under the LAST few months of Bush, September to November, there was a 42% drop!

  20. GregA says:

    I am reminded of Bush who had only been in office for 9 months when he lowered the defenses of the USA and got us attacked on 9/11.

    Here at 45 days is when bush was failing to deal with the crashed spy plane. Also at 45 days is when Bush was ignoring Dick Clark about an immanent Al’queda attack…

  21. massysett says:

    “tonight I want every American to know this: We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.”

    “investors will return to the market, and American families will see their retirement secured once more. Slowly, but surely, confidence will return, and our economy will recover.”

  22. amodedoma says:

    One burbon, one scotch, one beer…. Gee, I feel better about the crisis already!

    I’m thinking to invest in alcohol.

  23. keaneo says:

    It’s easy enough to believe this crap if you only listen to Republicans describing what Obama says – instead of wandering over to a decent newspaper and reading primary source. Or YouTube fer cryin’ out loud.

    Seems to me there was a time that pundits did stuff like that.

  24. smartalix says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of big investors are deliberately pushing the market down to make Obama look bad. His policies tend to be good for people, bad for greedmongers.

    The Dow index is just a number based on a group of companies. As a real indicator of our economy’s health, it is about as useful as a thermometer in determining tomorrow’s weather.

    Frankly, I’d rather hear a real assessment of hte situation instead of the bullshit stream that has been coming from the financial industry for the last eight years. Otherwise the peopole would buy the GOP bullshit that tax breaks will fix everything because the economic situation “isn’t that bad”.

  25. Mr Diesel says:

    Can’t wait to hear more of Obomba’s lies and see how well we do in the first 100 days……

  26. ArianeB says:


    umm, this story is about Obama telling the truth and suggesting he should be lying.

    I happen to think Obama is doing exactly the right thing right now.

  27. QB says:

    Look at the Dow for the last six months, or from Sept 14 when Lehman went under to be exact. George W had problems with Septembers apparently. Until there is a move to get the US banks liquid and people confident with them then it’ll continue to be a mess.

    This is most tangible fiscal issue the current US administration could act on and they’re sitting on their hands.

  28. mrpips says:

    But he’s brought dignity back to the White House. Bush 43 never would have given a multi-millionaire leader of another country 25 DVDs as a gift. Our standing in the world is climbing every day. Plus, if you haven’t noticed, he’s black. Sure, he doesn’t have any slave blood, but his wife does!

  29. WmDE says:

    This graph is hyped. Comparing a 50 day span to 100 day spans is pointless. Unless you are trying to exaggerate the outcome. Surely 50 day figures were available for the other presidents.

    Even using 50 day figures, two-point graphs provide very little information.

  30. sandblade says:

    This chart gives Obama way too much credit. Actually it gives any president way too much credit. Right now there is a dearth of facts available to us. There is one undeniable fact, this is a unique economic mess that has never been seen before in human history. It involves financial products and global interdependencies that no prior president has had to deal with. Why should we expect that any standing U.S. president would have any chance of reversal or recovery under these circumstances? It wouldn’t matter if McCain, W. Buffet, or a trained monkey were president now, the markets would be just as dismal.


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