• Apple sued over various infringements concerning the iPhone. This will never end.
  • This Saturday is turn off the light day at 8:30 PM.
  • AT&T will act as a cop for the RIAA.
  • Conficker worm aiming at April 1st. Get ready.
  • Fairchild cutting back.
  • The Open Cloud movement begins to develop. MSFT not happy.
  • Fallout 3 wins best game of the year.
  • Best Buy looking good according to experts.
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  1. GregA says:

    I say prevent the fosstard-o-sphere from ruining innovation in the Cloud the way the brought web innovation to a screeching halt with css 2.1

    Oppose interop requirement in Cloud standards!

  2. Chris Mac says:

    I’m afraid to ascii

  3. GregA says:


    Notice how web apps havent gotten better in oh…. 3-4 years? Notice how Google Docs is still largly the same thing it was when it launched? Notice how people are abandoning the web in favor of client-server applications? Or how propritary things like flash and silverlight are getting more entrenched?

    That is all happening because of the Acid2 test. That trend will continue to stagnate as more web browsers become acid3 compliant. Acid 3 is making sure that all the browsers support ancient abandoned tech like SVG and SMIL!!!

    Get this, the new w3c HTML 5 standard… Will not be ready until 2012.

    That means, no new web apps until then. It is all gonna roughly remain like it is now… Like it has been for a number of years now.

    That is what standards committees do to innovation.

    So we are gonna have standards committes designing what they want the “cloud” to be before it has really even taken off.

    Isn’t that grand!!!


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