The Dentist!

A door-to-door dentist is accused of doing much more than pulling teeth. Deputies say he groped a female patient in Osceola County after he gave her drugs.

It does not appear that Luis Figueroa-Vasquez is even a licensed dentist and cops say he didn’t act like one either. He’s accused of drugging one of his would-be patients and then taking advantage of her sexually.

Detectives say Figueroa-Vasquez worked out of a pick-up truck.  Inside, they found plenty of dental equipment, including the drugs they say he used to take advantage of his patient. In the back of the truck, they found a makeshift dental chair that’s more like a glorified lawn chair.

  1. kjackman says:

    And yet with a hot chick dentist, this would be hailed as a value-added service.

  2. Canine says:

    I don’t feel so bad having to pay $400 for my dental license, if the regulation helps lock creeps like this away.

  3. orangetiki says:

    so who’s dumber: the idiot who thought he can go around saying he’s a door to door dentist or the people who let him in?


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