1. SparkyOne says:

    Another SEC auditor heads home after a tough day.

  2. Kanjy says:

    Sigh… the picture of the doors chained and padlocked shut suggested a much more interesting story than what actually happened.

  3. StoopidFlanders says:

    Can we get a (more) free market alternative to 911? If people had to voluntarily pay for the service, they would be less likely to abuse it.

  4. Stinker says:

    Well they did help the lady out, and she got her off the phone quickly. 🙂 Maybe she just had a moment. 🙂

  5. matrixghost1286 says:

    John, you forget to tag this story as more news from the land of Florida.

    I think this woman might be a future Darwin award winner sometime in the short future as that the action of pulling a door lever is just a bit too hard of a concept for her to grasp.

  6. BertDawg says:

    Probably should be under the “more wacky news from Florida” heading. Orlando area this time.

  7. JoaoPT says:

    If you pull the door open lever twice, on my car, the pins go up… isn’t that standard anti-panic safety?

  8. GregA says:


    What if she were in the back seat and had the child safety locks engaged?

  9. Brian says:

    This happened to my dad’s best friend, has a Corvette with electric doors. He had to get the manual out and find the emergency handle.

  10. Dave T says:

    Family Guy did a skit like this. I guess she’s as dumb as Peter Griffin.

  11. Poindexter says:

    I was a fire dispatcher for the Austin fire dept. and I took this exact same situation call twice in 8 years. I safety rescued both callers 😉

  12. the real billybob says:

    #3 StoopidFlanders

    Out her in the hinterlands (wisconsin) if you dial 911 and the fire department shows up they send you a bill for $500.00. Two trucks, $1000.00.

  13. Mr. Fusion says:

    In fairness, she panicked. I’m sure many others will have a similar experience themselves or know personally of someone else having “a moment”.

    But seeing as I don’t know her, ha ha ha ha ha ha

  14. memesisai says:

    It came from outerflorida.

    Of coarse this is in Orlando, Florida.

  15. ECA says:

    I have to ask..
    WHOSE car was she in?? that she couldnt find the DOOR LOCK??

  16. NoNoBadDog says:

    The truly frightening thing is that this woman is allowed to operate a motor vehicle.

  17. Stu Mulne says:

    Toyota, or maybe Honda, was building some cars a few years ago that would magically lock their owners inside. No “release” that worked….

    Sure sounds like something else here, though.

    OTOH, something my wife might do. She’s not blonde, but should be….

    Every car I’ve ever owned (never owned a “foreign” car, although we could argue about the assembly point) would open from the inside with a single pull/push/squeeze/whatever of the “handle”. Having to do it twice is a child-proofing feature, I guess, but bothers me….


  18. AC_in_mich says:

    who can forget “Hello, Blondestar…”

  19. guiltywhiteliberal says:

    Your average white liberal who voted for obama and keeps asking for Change.

  20. Buzz says:

    Hello, 911? I’m trapped in a technology black hole and can’t get out. I’ve rebooted, replaced my OS, erased and replaced everything and I still am trapped inside this thing. The oxygen is being used up and I’m sweating like a pig. Halp!

    (True story)

  21. Steve says:

    There’s an old Polish joke about the guy who locks his keys in the car and it takes him half an hour to get his family out.


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